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The Azar Exhibition destroyed the Hammers! Chelsea third after 2: 0

Eden Azar Chelsea gave back to him and won the victory of West Ham by 2-0.

Belgium made the first two visits, with a special focus on reaching the Blues, with a score of over 66 points being awarded, with a bigger match than the best 4 competitors.

The guests were better at the game, but Azar made the difference again. After the period there were few opportunities for the hammers, but they lost and since 2002 have been without gain at Stamford Bridge, which consists of 13 successive games.

The fans started Calham Hudson-Odoy after his strong match against Brighton. Ruben Loftus-Chick also started, and Gonzalo of Iongan replaced the Olivier Girush attack. Chuck made five changes, with Mark Noble and Felipe Anderson coming back in the middle of the field.

Drying blue has removed the object from the first minute but cannot create dangerous conditions. West Ham was slowly defending it with many people. Only 11 minutes before Azar was about to go out but it was knocked down by Ogbone. In theory, the last defender was, but the situation was too far away from the door and away, so his yellow card was right. Emerson made a poor blow that made a serious risk.

Kante tried to shoot him, but he only did a little bit later, before Eden Azar started to perform on stage 24 and the hotel would have a good focus. He found about 35 meters from the doorway, over Noble, he put the ground down with a big fever, and before it was locked, he made a big blow for Fabian for 1: 0! Amazing blow!

Shortly after that, Chuckle might have been more complex because Azar Iguani, which hit him dangerously, but met the ground, then Rice was killed.

The Belgium was like a hurricane and in the 29 minutes he was going out of Arnautovich and Frederiks before being hit by Austria and demolished. The situation was controversial, but the referee did not punish him, while another would think that he has done so.

In these minutes these visitors were hard on the way, and Creswell banned the blow of Hudson-Odoy. It was only 37 minutes before Chuck had a chance but David Lewis stopped the view at Anderson.

In the 43rd minute, Yuan lost bullets. Cantonese was very well organized by Cante in the field of visits, but instead of trying to hit it without delay, he halted the ball on the chest and then tried to shoot it, but after the ricochet the member came to the corner. The situation was very clean. However, the stop was 1: 0.

A second interesting point is also interesting. At the 48th minute Loftus-Cheek was hit by hitting Azar, who eloped the odds. However, West Ham created a dangerous counter shortly afterwards and Arnautovich Lansini found it in a clean position, but Kepa rescued his bullet.

Loftus-Chikk was badly killed, but Knockouts looked quite dangerous and Creswell accidentally entered the return door in 63 minutes. Shortly after that, the hosts no longer understood that they could benefit.

However, at all times, the hosts had control of the game but could not arrange it, giving opportunities to the enemy. So, in 77 minutes, Rice came on and got a place to visit, but he turned into a ball too long and fled in the door.

In the 82nd minute, Emerson blocked Arnautovich's grave, and the corner that followed was awakened, but the hosts continued. They answered with a situation in front of Giu, who had nearly gone past Fabian, but the ball went over the door.

However, in the 90 minutes he is past. Despite the hammer West Ham Penalty Field and Pedro's initial ability to find Azar, then Belgium was discovered in a bright position and fired at its junction made it a t with his second visit in the game.

Chelsea – West Ham 2: 0

1: 0 Azar 24

2: 0 Azar 90

Chelsea: Kepa, Aspilikuta, Rüdiger, Lewis, Emerson, Jorgion, Kante, Loftus-Chick (70 Barkles), Hudson-Odoy (85 Pedro), Azar,
West Ham: Fabian, Frederiks, Balbuena, Ogbone, Cresswell, Noble (68 Obiyang), Rice, Anderson, Lansini, Arnautovich, Hernandez (46 Snowguns)

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