The Cheftaket Chief provided $ 1 million to Madan Hospital

Sheffett Bulgarian emigrants Chadpayev gave $ 1 million to his hospital at Madan.

The money went to a special account of Madan town.

At the devolution of a 79-year-old donor who has been living in Chicago since 1964, money should only be used for new medical equipment and furniture in the local hospital "Professor Dr Konstantin Chilov ".

"I wanted a long time

do something

for your native


The last time I was in the summer of 2018, I had to go to hospital. I saw some of the equipment was over 50 years ago when I left Bulgaria. I realized that this is the best place to give it because I will help most people, "said Chadaphiev of Chicago for" 24 hours. "

"The move is really active. People do not remember it. Everyone can not do such a thing," is Madan Fahri's Senior Manager Mulaisenov.

In his office, a list of the hospital needs what they need. Scanner, ECG equipment, mammograph, transport cover, surgical tools, laser for jobs are a small part of the scheduled equipment. "We will build offers and

as soon as possible

time to

we'll buy things,

who need it. I will do my best to make it happen because I've also been on & # 39; Traveling in hospitals with my family and I know what people have, "he promised. Mulaisenov is 45 years old and is the second masters of Madan and one of the people is Chadpadjiev was trusted that the contribution would be used for the reason being expected. They know each other for 7-8 years. "We see each year when Mr Chadpadjiev comes. It's great to see the new things in our home, "said the seaman.

In 2015, they returned to the hospital. With about 2 million leva found under the Norwegian Financial Assessment, from the budget and some of the carpentry property changed the medical center, they made a new roof, insulation, ventilation system. "Children and their mothers are similar to a 3-star hotel," said the factor.

The last thing they raised last summer was the square that the town did not hit by 65. "I saw with my eyes that the factor is always there and really wants to do something good for the town. I think I can trust that the money I spend will not steal, but it goes to that, "said the dealer.

There are about 12,700 people living in the Madan town, scattered in 44 small settlements, connected to approximately 260 km of roads. "The hospital caters around 50,000 people, every year there are around 4,800 people treated there. If there is a new device, these people will be verified and treated here without being & # 39 ; traveling to larger cities such as Sofia and Plovdiv, "the factor is; explained.

He and his colleagues consider each of the new devices the hospital will have; buying, holding waves provided by Sheffet Chakadzhiev. "This is the minimum we can start with, for

to express it


you are so far



We also consider other ideas to find out where the change in our hospital comes, "said Mulaysenov." Certainly, the big charitable campaign will be remembered, and we will try to stay there history, "said Elena Uzunova, a leading expert in the town.

The sailor hopes the modern medical device he will buy with the money made Чапджиев,

to attract her

more experts

in the home


"We have good doctors, but we need 4-5 other experts. Applicants are often stopped when they see a device that has been made recently. They prefer to go to a place where they can Development as professionals and where they have access to the latest professional and professional innovations. There are 150 hospitals in Sofia, and here only one, with an outside device. That's why Many people get involved. It's a good thing Mr Chaddzhiev said he was willing to help us because the department was completely defended, "said the seaman.

There are 99 people working in hospital. Many young people from Madan and the area will be studying for medical skills, but then they will return due to & # 39; They do not have the right to specialize in small medical centers. "We've been asking this question for 10 years, and if that does not change, there is almost no chance for young doctors to come to our hospital," said the factor .

Due to many years of rural activities and the "24 Hours" noble donation he named Chadaphiev for the prize in the "The Worthy Bulgarians" campaign.

From his home in Chicago, Chaddzhiev responded to the questions about "24 hours":

I wanted to do something that was helpful

the poor and the joints, to the left and right

"How did you decide to bring $ 1 to Madan, Mr Chapadzhiev?"

"I always wanted to do something about my home. As you know, since 1989 I've been returning almost every year. My heart saved as I saw increasing numbers of young people leaving the area and increasing larger cities or outside the country,

people stay all the time


they are urgent that there is nothing new in their home. I wanted to help, but I did not know how. I was trying to find something that could reach more people. When I returned back in summer last year, I had to visit the hospital several times because they got my brother's cancer. Then I saw that the device was so old that it did not work or could not do an advanced quality screenshot. One of the doctors was true – with the equipment they wanted, they can not get their illness earlier. Unfortunately, a week later he died.

"So you came to the conclusion that the donation should go to a new new device …"

– Yes, that's right. But that is not enough. I need to find someone I'm looking for; believe in trying to avoid stealing or spending money in the # 39; wind.

"Can you find such a person easily?"

"It was not very difficult. In recent years I have noticed that every time I come, something new is done in the home. It seems to be an appropriate person, honest, right, and The last summer we talked to a great deal. It worked hard when the building of a new village was built which was not hit from what it remembers & # 39. The Chitalishte building was completely renovated. I have read about 30 new sites launched at Madan, including water reconstruction and sewage, urban roads, playing fields, landscapes. When I looked it, I decided

taken over

responsibility for m & # 39;


There is always a danger, indeed. Sometimes I've been lying. But I hope that this is not the case and with ordinary attempts to do something good for their home.

"This is not your first grant. You gave the Bulgarian churches in Chicago, to rebuild the Madan and mosque church, to build a spring in the Rhodopes, to fund hospitals and social homes In the United States and in Bulgaria, you have added to the ghost Aleko Konstantinov, who was found in Chicago for some years. How do you choose to give it?

– I always wanted to avoid being connected, and I was never in one party or together. It is important to me, with my contributions, to be useful for more people, whether Christians or Muslims, on the left or on the right. The things that I have given up to date are the same – for everyone. The hospital is so good – that's going poor, rich, white and black, left and right. The money itself does not worry me. The idea does not have to be rich; move me They are just a way to do things and do things that I want. My father learned me to be fond of what I do, to be active and honest.

Donor: From 75 cents

to the captain

in New York and Florida

Rhodopean CEO Shepktak Chaddzhiev is one of the most successful Bulgarians in the United States.

He was born in Madan on April 24, 1939. In 1949 he joined his family in northern Bulgaria because his father had a small shop and considered a rich man. They allowed them to return in 1954. When they put him to a military service in the Troops troops three years later, just because he was smoker, he decided to leave Bulgaria and go a place where he could value what was possible, rather than its origins.

He has already read "To Chicago and Back" by Aleko Konstantinov and his choice is to come naturally. "I wanted to like it, to see new places, try new opportunities. At that time it was not allowed. I had an uncertain disagreement with the system, and it started on illegally discharging my head to go over the border with Greece, "said Chadaphiev to 24 Chasa.

The first attempt was on the border cross in 1959. In 1963

For the second time it's dangerous

your life

and with his friend Hamid Rusev, he escaped to Greece. Both are just over 24 years old. After 11 months in the Lavrio emigrant camp, they will receive $ 600 from the World Church Organization. Then they returned, but then they have to fund the trip to the United States. When arriving at New York, they will take the train for Chicago. When they arrive, Chadpadjiev has 75 cents in his pocket.

Today he has a property in Chicago, New York, Florida and in the capital of Ecuador, where his wife, Maggie. It was successful to invest in a freight exchange and bundle; He was the first Bulgarian who paid $ 200,000 in 2008 to fly into space. It is now 160 in the waiting list.

His first job is outside of his & her; sea ​​to oil distribution for $ 1.25 hours. He then serves as an attendant in an IMF restaurant. They will open a short restaurant but stop it. He also works in the printed works. "Before I set up my business for connection, printing and folding, I worked in such a factory, watching and learning," said Chadaphiev.

In 1976 he sold his 2 cars, borrowed $ 10,000, and bought 3 tools from his own small business for shelter and attachment. In 1979, he bought his first factory. It has collected more than 25 million copies of magazines and brochures every day.

In 1993, he sold his business. As well as investing their estate in a urban band. It has been on the stock exchange for 35 years. There are currently 8 companies in the energy, telecommunications, medicine and transport sectors.

It was asked who advised where to invest it, Chadpadjiev replied: "I like to hear a lot of different ideas. America learns me not to divide people in blackhouses, moonbeds , Christians and Muslims, the poor and the rich people, but the good and bad people among those groups. I look to interoperate with the good way and to avoid the bad people. They are my burden, and life is my teaching that I can not change. "He says that

a successful business is needed

a number of things

Initially, a sense of judgment and decision. Second – do not rest. Third – not to sell pollution. "If you do not pay taxes, the state will close your factories. If you are not honest with the customers, they will not come to you. If you do not care for the staff, they will go to another man, "said Chadaphiev.

The contribution to Madan Hospital is not the first one to do. In recent years it has funded around $ 700,000 hospitals, churches, social homes, fountains and stones in the US and the United States.

It's a little bit of a memorable memory for Bulgarian football in 1994, when we became the 4th World Cup in the United States. Chadpayev took a curtain in John Hancock's quick captain in central Chicago and gave each one a camera. "To this day we are well marked," said Daniel Borimirov. And his team, Plamen Nikolov, remembers: "After Gappia has been influenced, Mr Chadaphiev told us that he would have a global claim if I'm a hero or a final. He looked at him and said , "Is this person talking to you? We came to influence, and ultimate poliphinal. "Although they did not reach the final, Chap appreciated their achievements and achieved their commitment to reward the team.

The Bulgarian is an honorary citizen in the state of Illinois and his native Madan. He is the winner of the International Agency for Migration for Contribution to Bulgaria and Bulgarians.

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