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The tallest pair in the display is a calendar, Vassilena and Nicephorus, waiting to come to a court's divorce decision, according to the tabloid weekend, which this information learned from its sources.

The first set of "Married First Out" is on progress, though the pictures on display are at the finals.

This Sunday, Nikiforos visited his new friend in the chapel at St. Petka in Tran. The 42-year-old is willing to get a certificate of divorce as he has never married with the blonde Vasilena. Russokoska, 33-year-old, refused to bring her daughter in as she had no intention of tying her life to him.

The optimal color with Nikifor did not appeal to the red color in their first meeting in the ceremony. The bravado was unhappy with the type and social status of his choice, and in the guest's shouting "surprisingly" he allowed her to kiss, but just on his cheeks. Feelings over their wedding day and the wedding woman's first wedding got her first encounter with the groom. With a contract there was no right for any of the participants to refuse. If he did not do so, he had sharp penalties.

Nikifor never met high Vassilena applications. When Nicephorus's lone mother was away, he threw out waves of angry ideas on the internet. According to TV fans in Scotland, psychologists of the show are fighting because they have not gathered players who are not completely collected. The Vasilene that was spoiled looked for a rich man of distinction and had a reputation for choosing a great old boy who did not meet any of her needs. Her parents, who lived with her residence, threatened to resume her home if she was left with Nicephorus's misfortune. The family were sent to Cyprus for a honeymoon, but all the time they went out as a dog and a cat in front of NTV cameras. After all, the newly-reconstructed family did not follow greatly and fell down.


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