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The doctor who gave up $ 7 billion in the name of the child

Millions of mothers around the world know this name – Jonas Edward Solk. The doctor with hundreds of thousands of children in debt. The scientist, who developed the first pedicle polio vaccine which he believed enough in his work that he put the experimental doses on himself, his wife and the three children.

On 12 April, 1955, Dr. Vaccine was immunized. Solk named safe and effective. But the way to save hundreds of thousands of life is long.

Jonas Edward Solk was born on 28 October 1914 in the Daniel and Dora Solk family, Ashkenazi Jews.

Dr Jonas Edward Solk

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Father Daniel was born in New Jersey to an immigrant family from eastern Europe and Dora's US mother arrived from the Russian Empire when she was 12 years old. Jonas is the son of their birth, after two other sons are born.

At the age of 13, he enrolled at Townsend Harris High School, where a group of well-educated children were poorly trained in return. Daniel Solk was a tailor, and could hardly get on his family's life but he and his wife Dora thought education was very important and encouraged their eldest son to learn.

After graduating from secondary school, Jonas Solk enrolled in New York City College, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree. But it doesn't stop there. He continued his education at New York University where he registered a medicine in 1939. For two years he was a trainer at Mount Sinai Hospital, and then became a member of the University of Michigan where he did an audit of viruses with flu. Thomas Frances Jr. flu.

In the 1940s and 50s, polio pandemic (your child's paralysis) had grown in the United States and around the world. Deaths in 1952 were only 58 000. Thousands of children a year keep disability for life, hospitals are full of small patients who can't even get breathing and suffer from artificial ventilation "iron lung". The country is trapped in a panic, and scientists try secretly to salvage. Franklin Delano Roosevelt himself has been finding out that he has been paralyzed when he is 39 years old and he will still leave the center for the sinister disease.

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In 1947, Professor Solk was appointed as leader of the Pittsburgh University Research Laboratory. Shortly afterwards he was contacted by the National Children's Polio Fund to fund the polio vaccine.

A year later, b & # 39, developing the vaccine Polio the largest medical project in history, including 20,000 doctors, 64,000 supporters and 220,000 volunteers.

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In 1951 Jonas Solk awarded three types of polio-causing virus (child paralysis), which allowed a "dead" vaccine to be developed at the injection which began to eat antibodies. The Polio vaccine began testing in 1952, and Dr Solk introduced experimental doses to himself, his wife, and his three sons.

When it was agreed to be used in 1955, t Jonas Solk became a national hero. President Dwight Eisenhower paid special attention to him in a Rose Garden event at the White House. However, which influences and leaves people no words which Dr Solk could seek to penetrate, although journalists make the richest man. T in the world with an income of $ 7 billion.

The doctor believed in so much of his work that he tried the flu vaccine itself, his wife and the three children t

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When the US CBS reporter asks, "Who owns the patent?" Solk:Nobody was. Who can remove the patent? It's for everyone".

In 1956 a major child vaccine began against poliomyelitis. In just 5 years, the number of patients fell by 96 per cent.

In 1956 the children 's immunization began

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8 years after finding favor, Jonas Solk created a Center for Biological Studies in San Diego, which has its name. There, he and other scientists focus their efforts on diseases such as multiple sciences and cancer, followed by Dr. t Solk your AIDS and HIV virus. In addition to his research, the pupil also writes several philosophical books. These include Man unfolding (1972) and The surviving the wisiest (1973), which he compiled with his son Jonathan.

In 1968 Dr Jonas Solk split and two years later women for muse Pablo Picasso and mother of two of his children – Gillo Francoise. They survive the death of a doctor who died of heart failure on 23 June 1995 at his home in California.

Dr. Jonas Solk and Francoise Gillo

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The name Jonas Edward Solk, however, is always on the list of healing doctors.

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