The family publishes the latest interview by Schumacher before an accident – Motor – Formula 1

Michael Schumacher's family has been trying to make their family. The final interview that the great concert of the appliances was made.

The interview was killed on 30 October 2013, or less, less than 2 months before a terrible event on December 29, when he was skiing in French Alps, Schumacher hit his head big and fell in a coma. Since then, Shumi has been getting better, and the family has been getting better, keep the secret state.

However, the closest relatives of Germany decided to showcase their final interview, in which Schumacher decided to; talks about the most influenced emotion (Suzuka 2000), young statues (the football player Tony Schumacher) and his favorite entrepreneur (Mika Hakkinen)

Schumacher, Zabinne Kem's manager, said the interview questioned had been online for a long time, but now he has been enjoying it.

Mick Schumacher spoke close friend about the situation of Michael

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