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The first serious inconvenience on the death of Sala, FIFA is a & # 39; scroll scrolling

Emiliano Salah seems to have been reminiscent for a long time, with the qualities around his death in full force, spending millions of British pounds, and months in courtrooms.

Argentine striker died on 21 January in a plane crash with a small machine that fell to the Channel when he left France to Wales to his new club in Cardiff.

A player's playwright, William McCain, said he was & # 39; Cardiff is justified for "abandoning and breaking Emiliano", with direct responsibility for the disaster.

"I pretend that I had never received a loan on this contract," said McKay in an interview, "when he signed his name to the club, the club did not Anything else, he bought a player for 17 million horrors, and left him in a hotel room only for arranging the trip you're up to Nantes and back.

Their behavior was unhappy and they were responsible for what happened. They left Emmy and surrendered. "

Mackey employs the aircraft and its & # 39; David Ibapton's pilot but said he had the necessary licenses and certificates for aircraft. In the police report and expert organizations after the disaster, such a lack of consent is known as the main purpose of the event.

"They are casting their offspring, which is unfair," said the agent, "we paid all the costs, and Ibutsan was praised for us as a pilot knowledgeable and positive. "

Still, to answer his / her qualification as to whether his warranty, McCay replied:

"K.When you place an order on a taxi, you do not want the driver to show you the driver's license, right? ".

As well as that, the impresario football tried to influence the world by saying it was "hello days". in a family since he met, and he and his partner lost 1,5 million trading in commissions. "We refused to ask for our money from Nantes, more importantly, that people are killed," said Mackay.

Cardiff Club responds promptly the proxy was given to the agent at least one fingerSouth Westerly

The person responsible for the security of the players from the first team of messages with Emiliano Salah had signed the date of the contract. And they are clear from that Cardiff has offered two options for regular flight.

In their conversation with Whattsapp Messenger, it's clear that there is no problem at # club when an hourly Salary arrives and gets the training on the morning of January 22. Because the attack was late late in the evening with a private private plane employed by Mackey Agent.

"William Mackay got away, just come back quickly," Emiliano writes to the person from Cardiff. "Are you sure about this? We have Cardiff – Paris – Cardiff, who arrives in the afternoon," said the officer.

"The club was currently preserving and hosting the Salad tour from France to Cardiff when we learned from the player that there was another similar group that made the his substitute, "said the club in an official statement today.

At the same time, on the other hand, the scandals are abolished, and it seems to bring it to court and great financial penalties.

FIFA has opened an business review method, after the date of moving her first quarter of Cardiff to Nantes at midnight on 28 February. The sum is 7 million euro.

The French club will promptly apply to the UN Headquarters and it is likely that it can be translated at the Church Court in Lausanne.

Very bad … And badly some of the people who love love and Salary are interested in the result of issues, faults and related allegations.

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