The Kremena neighbors have been listening to the criteria for months – they have heard Borislav hanging into the wall (Obzor)

For 6 years the woman has filed bids against her husband, but then she retired

Public Prosecutor: Our society needs to know that domestic violence is unsuitable, inappropriate, and already criminal

The defense guard's defense adviser alleged that the mental victim was inconsistent and treated

With a crack on clothes and items purchased during the marriage between Borislav and Kremena Nikolovi, she started her. last loss between 24 February. The 41-year-old man was arrested for his wife's death two days before the divorce divorced.

On Thursday, Borislav was taken to the courtroom in Varna, but no family experts or relatives attended the meeting. According to the procurator's office, it can reasonably be considered that he had put on Kremena's death penalties. The crime was held on Sunday when the man took his luggage from the living place.

Before you are

away, hit

your wife and dad

drop out


A little earlier, Borislav asked her mother to help raise the items. Kremena's body was opened on Tuesday.

Yesterday, however, the defendant said that, when the client and his mother left the room, Kremena was not in a position without help, but it was appropriate and legal and proof of action was not proven. Due to the sustained crime and offenders of his client, he works and has a lasting address, He asked Borislav to be taken off the house. But left to & # 39; he was in custody.

According to Nikolov's relatives, there were regular scandals with all their family.

For 6 years, Kremena has reported 6-7 episodes of domestic violence against her husband, his complaints disappeared a few hours later. However, due to a number of indicators, the police have brought out protocols against Borislav to control the attack. In one case


he is even


after that

her husband

broke his nose with


in the next row.

"Borislav was very funny. She was by phone, reading the messages. Everyone knew they had problems, so they were separated," says Kremena's girl.

His colleagues say he complained to her about her belief. They saw it coming to work and did; He told them that his wife had mental problems.

"I heard their chances, but I did not expect them to reach there. I heard from neighbors that he was putting it into the wall that he was hitting. He did not know them well, his & # 39 ; women are a lot, but everyone knows about their chances. We have heard their fairs for months, "explained the person who left their position; stay on the fourth floor of the Nikolovi block.

Borislav traveled a long time on the boats, but for almost a year he started working in a Varna gold shop. Kremena was an interpreter and worked a few years ago as a director.

The marriage was tough and they had big problems, and finally they were forced to sign up for a divorce. Because there are no children of their couple and their own home, and that they have nothing to share, the divorce must agree with each other. A case was recorded for 26 February.

Two days before, Borislav started to collect his bag and his / her; hitting the final screen. He admits the researchers that he had a big scandal with his wife in the late evening. He asked his mother to help her to get her stuff, and her. taking her tongue and going out.

"The response of a complaint is based on a high quality format. It is very important because it is based on a number of known situations. This is a distinction between the parties on 24 February. The scan rises as as a result of taking clothes from the general residence in which he lived with Kremena's wife for rent. There is a slogan, but it is not a reason for an idea that The author is actually in fact established and, after this, there was a crack between them. When his mother called Borislav, he relied on her to finish the scanner. The laird and the landlord were witnesses.

At the same time, Borislav is not an expert to investigate if there are scratches and fragments on his body, and such a hit and a scannal show that there was a man.

If there was a huge challenge, there would be signs for fighting.

Office of the Prosecutor of Varna, before telling me the media, let me crack on another door, and # 39; Going into a number of records to confirm what. Then it would not be said that there were any complaints from Kremena against Borislav, "said defensechoader, Encho Enchev, in court.

With the last two sentences, the claimant found that Kremena had been mentally discomfort and treated.

In the words of Lawyer Enchev, after leaving Borislav and his mother, Kremena climbed up the stairs, where their landlords lived, running the door. But he did not ask for help. She did not ask for a debt or a doctor's request. She then went down to her field and locked herself.

According to the state crash in the deadly evening on 24 February, the killer between the spouses went up to beating that killed Kremena. The autopsy showed that the cause of his death was a " significantly affect brain disease. Multiplication is specified on its & # 39; face skin, different back areas, high and low windows that come from strokes or hard objects are marked.

According to the experts


There is no Kremena

she died immediately

and he can pass

even an hour later

fatal blows

in the end,

Continuing to the blood that caused death.

On 25 February, Kremena's mother asked for a long time on her phone, but after the girl did not lift her, she told the police. She was aware of all the effects and divorce in the family.

Police and fire teams were sent to the site. They got into the flat through a door to a wall on the second floor. They found Kremena dead in bed. From the neighbor's evidence, and as a result of Kremena's many objections, the researchers arrested his wife for questioning and on February 26 she was charged as an accused.

The same word Borislav said in the courtroom, "I have nothing to say."

As the lawyer opposed the Office of the Varna District Centrarian to be based on this particular case, he sent "the amendments to the Criminal Code relating to offenders domestic violence ", et. Roslav Lazarov, the district representative, explained:

"The changes to the Criminal Code affecting the case of Nikolov, because the law is not provided for the same penalties in this case – a jail between 15 to 20 years, imprisonment of life or imprisonment without taking place.

Death, as it is clarified, does not happen immediately. But the reason is clear. The first stage of the investigation is not & # 39; allows a more detailed statement of the facts and conditions collected.

However, the court, which is necessary to judge them, is deemed sufficient enough to take the most upset of abuse. The truth is that the dwelling was locked after leaving home and had no key to it; prove that another did not enter for hitting.

I will not comment on the allegations of the Enchev lawyer, it is enough to allow his / her public to be aware that domestic violence is unsuitable, inappropriate, and already offensive from our legislation. It's not an advertisement, it's a truth; there.

A function authorized in & # 39; current case, based on the evidence gathered. Undoubtedly, there is a deception of decriminalization, and the acting author will be set up at the end after the confirmation has been made, "said the procurator Radoslav Lazarov.

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