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The “lambs” in Radan Kanev have changed their name – having been illegally used since 2008 t

Toma Belev is one of the Lamb's lambs, needing to be renamed.

On 21 April, they will announce how they will be asked to attend European elections by Toma Belev and four others in the lists of "Democratic Bulgaria".

In fact, non-sound environmentalists that have not voted 1% will not take a state subsidy

The "Green Party" owner owns the heirs from the same name, which disappeared in 2005. They say they are taking part in the elections t today.

The parliaments of Greenpeace, including Toma Belev's name, changing its name "Greens" on 21 April have become illegally used since 2008.

There is a formal letter to the Central Electoral Commission that they cannot record the Democratic Alliance of Bulgaria by names of the parties including Bulgaria, DSB and the Greens.

This political power, established in 2001 by businessman Hristo Portochanov, confirmed the 2008 political party of Greenpeace for the name and must have been changed.

The High Court's decision on Inquiry into compulsory exchange was announced on 26 February 2019.

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However, they are sound in the campaigns they have organized or are supporting.

For the first time, Kanev's 'Greens' took part in a European vote in 2009 when they took over 18,000 votes. Indeed, none of the parliamentary or local votes – have exceeded the 1% barrier to take a state subsidy.

The Green Party, which won the name, announces whether it will become involved in the Eurovision. He started in 2001 after the defeat of the Green Party and in 2005 his president, Hristo Portochanov, was killed. Having been president

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Audit Court

They appear alone in the European Parliament in 2014 when they will take 5218 votes. At the 2017 parliamentary elections they take 10 000 votes (0.30%).

Currently Vladimir Nikolov is identifying the Green Party, which has been designated by the SCC as a test.

“Although all members have been informed of the SCC's final decision more than a month ago, the media continue to advertise that the LP Greence has been illegitimate. A number of reports have already been recorded, containing lambs written with capital letters, Nikolov is unhappy. And he plans for the CEC to stop a report on "illegal" politicians.

Problems between the two parties started as early as 2008 when the “Greens” came to be recorded in spite of objections created previously.

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And of an illegal party in elections, "Philip Tsanov from the Coalition" explained that residents lived in Bulgaria.

Other ecologists who will not be looking for a new one on 21 April will attend a national meeting. However, the new name will not be used as the deadline for registration of parties and consortia in the CEC 10 April.

However, the list of Bulgarian Democrats lists candidates under the leadership of the Vice President DSB Radan Kanev, and environmentalists are represented by Albena Simeonova (bio-generator) Rosen Bogomilov (teacher), Toma Belev (person) Environment, Vasil Gyurov (Revue Reviewer), and Daniela Bozhinova (Democracy Direct).

“Although our name has been involved in active politics for more than 10 years and we have taken part in all the elections during this period, the court has now removed & deleted the archive. If we don't change our name, the party said anonymously and reinforced the problem.

Since 2017, environmentalists have been in partnership with the Yes Bulgaria party, set up by the Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov. Then the receptions and the DEOS were present in the consortium name, with the Ivanov party – it was not, because it was not recorded in time. However, this consortium did not enter the National Assembly, raising 2.96% of votes.

The remaining ecologists are members of the European Green Party and are present in local government. In Sofia there is 1 town councilor, supported by Gorna Malina Angel Gilanov, the cities of Banya Stoyan Nedomalov and Buta – Georgi Aleksandrov.

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