The largest Italian and Turkish companies play for Struma

The winner has 1556 days to build a kilometer of a kilometer

The largest construction companies in Bulgarian and companies from Italy and Turkey are seeking to build a Struma construction route through Glen Kresna.

The offers were open on Friday and the auction was interested in the program – probably because one of the most expensive road projects in the country – the public value of the public service is BGN 444 796 305 without VAT take. Whatever wins, 1556 days will be designed for the 13km area.

There were 27 companies; in partners in a partnership. The only single offer is the "Building GBS Infrastructure".

The big companies in Bulgarian are unions. The GIP Group, who signed up for a contract for the construction of the "Zheleznica" Tunnel on another Struma, played with other companies.

The Bulgarian is the consortium led by Hydrostroy, which currently builds a section of the Hemus route. BG unions are also the ones in which Trace Group, PST Group, Gromma Hold (formerly Agromach)

Applicants for the road through the glen include "Duuge" in Turkey and "Dow" in a separate partnership. The Duuge was ordained for part of the Elin Pelin-Kostenets railway line – the most difficult and expensive part of Elin Pelin to Vakarel. BGN offers 498.9 million without VAT. A Turkish company is in the world's largest airport building – Ataturk in Istanbul. Duuge was also a candidate for the Tunnel Tunnel but was not rated. The company has 400 devices and has more than 2,000 employees.

The "Dow" partnership consists of one of the builders of the second beam subway in Sofia, a & # 39; Building a piece of bed value of 329 million. Dow has also built a tunnel that connects the tertiary tertiary metallic stations. The Turkish company also made a piece from the Trakia road between Karnobat and Bourgas.

The Italian "Todyni", which is among the candidates, is also famous in Bulgaria. He finally took part in the "Jeleznitsa" tunnel, but was not also rated, and previously went into the offer for one of the other Struma sections. A company was established after World War II. The first contract is in Algeria and the Eastern Balkans. The company says they have started work in more countries, including Bulgaria. A company also operates in Central Asia and Africa. He also participated in building and related facilities for the 2004 Olympics.

The Slavic "Wachos-SK" is one of the new average players on road projects named in Bulgaria. The company aims to build roads, bridges and tunnels and rail corridors. The company is one of the largest three largest construction companies in Slovakia. She is also one of the six candidates to raise Lottery 2 from Mezdra – Botevgrad.

They open Tuesday for the second mast

On Tuesday, the API opens the offers for the second section of the department between Kresna and Krupnik. It has a distance of 10.4 km, and the Kresna route, which is 5.5 km. A recreational area with electricity, water and sewage will be built at home boundaries. There will be a link to Kresna.

The section will build four tons of 2 km long. They have tools and systems for fire detection, ventilation, solar power, lighting, traffic management and others. There will also be 11 viaduct with a estimate length of 5 kilometers, plus 9 overhead routes and subway routes. The Kresna connection allows Kulata and Sofia. The public value of the public service for Lot 3.2.2 430 525 209 BGN is to include VAT. The deadline is 1556 days and includes the time for planning and construction. Money comes from the EU and from the national budget.

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