The lost boa in the Plovdiv center is captured

After a full day of the search the boat was captured and taken out of the center, Shopping center

Out of her pet shop, a yellow anaconda from the family of Boa Plovdiv took up a Tuesday morning, but late in the afternoon was opened by fire and front fire fighters on the second floor of the whole world find by & # 39; looking for reptiles.

The snake was found in the west side of the building in one of the air pipes, the manager of the Stoicho Markov shopping center said. The reptiles are out of the center and the tenant's contract with their pet shop will be completed.

A survey from a regional eco-patient group found that their pet shop had yet been prepared to locate it and would do it; installing hydraulics and terrarium quad. The serpent was registered as early as 2013, but on 2 February the owner changed, who also left the shop at the center, with the 14-day statutory re-registration time-time.

The mark of the required reptile, which was 1.30 meters long and 8 kg of weight, was recorded at 11.30. Python's B & B; in the original information, but the owner of his / her shop explained that he was a male male; there. Initially, firemen came to the Grand Mall, but their help was refused by the tenant, and then, when ratified by the police, they returned to take part in the investigation of snake.

It is said that the boat has gone into the air system of the room, and at one time it was hanged through a belt in the hall of the center of the shopping center, according to eye suppositions.

"It was awful, the big snake, his tail was hanging over the door of the assets," tell a bVV viewer.

On the site at the center, a woman told him that the snake had escaped at night. He first saw first with two women who left the toilet and the collapsed lamp, and the snake hanging from above. The security at the shopping center was only 10-15 minutes to watch the reptiles. hanging from the roof.

The owner of their pet shop and the police were trying to pull the snake with food.

As long as they could catch, the second floor of the center was narrowed. Sellers and asset owners responded that the climbers did not " climb over their heads through the ventilation system.

Participants could not be able to; Finding the reptile for a long time, they were said to swim through the pipes in the heating system in a & # 39; roof was hanging, but there was no way to know where it was. The hunter's order was stopped by his music on the floor. warn everyone who stayed in their offices and shops to look up, and, write

This may be the type of boa strangle, Plovdiv's Natural History Museum's director, Ognyan Todorov, reported by the National Bulgarian Radio. In his words, this is often a species that grows in the earth. It is not poisonous.

The snake would attack him and her; hit someone who was directly encouraged, Todorov said. She can stay for almost six months without food. According to the scientist, the research can be a major problem, and the opening of his "vote" is a lucky quiz in such a large building.

At the end of the evening, however, the event, which could have been costing a very poor source of shoppers at a trading center, ended up happily

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