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The minister said Tsatsarov was a real proofer, and the BSP recognized the control over KPONPI.

He was immediately asked such as Tsvetan Tsvetanov, Tsetska Tsacheva, Vezhdi Rashidov, Nikolina Angelkova, Elena Yoncheva, Valery Zhablianov (pMr Zhablyanov has already been surveyed for his property in Simeonovo, written according to the "24 hour" newspaper, but has not been announced) it is not captured by the Inner Ministrybut we talk about statistics. The answer was that it was the work of the decision against corruption and that Anticorruption law had been in it for a year, and that the audits over & over were a "process" And that “thousands of property ownership” were recorded. We work very well with KPONPI, you will also see that there are many real issues, which Marinov has sent to Nova TV.

We have free media. It does not matter who there is nothing hidden. This is what the Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said during his lifetime.

The minister contained 37 prosecutions against him in 2018. But a question and why there are no ministers accused of it, why CPCONPI did not carry out a survey of ministers, with whom they replied that he knew he was waiting to wait for the checks. Why the media are waiting and there are no checks in advance – Marinov answered this question that there were studies for things that had not been reported by the media.
Who will carry out checks on designers – in a situation where researchers will not be able to explain their own statements and will undertake a special examination of Plamen Georgiev and Anton Slavchev (Chair and Vice Chair of CPCONPI). The Lord Advocate can look at everyone, Marinov replied. And he introduced the weight of an examined face to Apartmentgate.

On the issue of the proposed Common Plamen Georgiev refuge, Marinov still fails to mention him as he was unable to do so. To a question help with the inner Ministry from Slatina Municipality to enter your Georgiev warrant and find out if there are any illegal unlawful buildings, their answer is to co-operate and "generally we cooperate". with each authority ". The Minister was not indoors to comment on how market assessments and property tax vary between actual money and the building.. I believe he will receive a clear answer how an politician has the opportunity to buy a place with a VIP builder, which Marinov added. There is always a person to punish, Marinov said in the statement of Tsvetan Tsvetanov's report in Panorama that there is no one to punish him.
On the issue of threats to Plamen Georgiev, Marinov did not comment on it as sort of sorting information. He did not say who was in danger.
Marinov was also a laconic about the SMS, which sent Arteks Meryanov's family to its chief architect Sofia Zdravko Zdravkov – something he admitted in front of camera at a ceremony at the end of February 2018, dedicated to the spectacular skyscraper projects. in the Lozenets and the Age of Gold in Lozenets, t in the video from the event the confession comes in the 48th minute). We don't have these SMSs, "said the interior minister.

The Old Minister of Justice Tsetska Tsacheva, who retired from the apartheid scandal with the sale of an apple … t

The state of the GLP
I think 90% of Bulgarian citizens would sign the name of the president after the CSSC. From the PSB, we went with clear recommendations as to how we need to resolve this problem. with corruption). This was stated by his MP BSP Krum Zarkov, one of the closest people of the leader of Socialism Cornelia Ninova.
According to Zarkov months, even years, the political situation has become a central institution. "Apartmentgate" is the collapse of the glass, it emphasized Nova TV, and said it was clear that the centers were not doing the case. He said he did not want to identify the problem. "Do they not understand that people can no longer tolerate it; that they do not understand that it is tolerated, intolerance, feelings of injustice, and if they are watching the truth, then they cannot do the same thing?" T Anyone who benefits from it, "said Zarkov. In his words, the government did not sign that "most citizens would have no anonymous title by looking at them."
To ask a reason why – whether KPONPI will control it"The fact is that there is economic growth, but it isn't enough to keep up with our European partners because there is corruption," said MP Red.

Order to stop the lifting of the skyscraper from the Golden Age on 15 April (Monday). This grew clear after … t

On the question of the CPKPPI about a close political leader who is suspected of being abused and accused of having a person in KPKONPI to report to this person, Zarkov said that the role of the committee is not to set tasks. We suggested a different body – and not the president for its appointment, but to be a high level body with clear responsibilities, and to follow senior fraud, MPs continued to move ahead, but acknowledged that there was a proposal from the BSP for appointing the head of the state to be the chairperson of that organizationBecause the Constitution was so far away from all the authorities. The law must give full transparency to all political bodies as they go on and proceed with politics, and the relevant authority should examine this transparency, and Zarkov stressed t on them.
Zarkov also had a problem as to how a party such as the BSP would be, which had been involved in managing the years of Change, to remedy the crisis. We are walking in the wrong road, the depute headteacher found out, and he couldn't see a drug having taken up: "How long – to the next scandal?". He also said he had no idea whether he would have any reason to investigate the ownership of his colleague Valery Zhablyanov in Simeonovo.

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