The young girl Christiana Todorova is black-haired by a bearer

Christiana Todorova was abducted by a bearer. She told her that she was in a skipper who had stolen Intragram's profile and she took her for money to return. For a few months ago, a similar situation was found in the Biljana Yotovska model. "A few days ago my profile was cut. I received an email to confirm my account. Indeed, my email was written on Insagram's top.

Apparently I did not have an instagram because I had a & # 39; click on the link when I entered the data for confirmation, I received another email after a few hours that my account was already abandoned, "said Christiana Todorova ri Nova TV. They are asked to have them back to 250 euros.

"Then they started calling me on the personal phone number. Spitting, bundles – this is happening in English. But they also write to Wattspe, if I pay the special interest to the Today, until tomorrow, my profile will be deleted, "said the gymnast.

Fraud Scenario – E-mail clients will send a census verification email that the user uses on a page where they need to submit the data. Here are the cyberra attacks – the so-called phishing name. The Christian is not expecting to pay his lending money but he decides to communicate with the trailers to find out more about it. Three days after stealing the census, their phone number can not be selected further. It will connect to experts who, after their & # 39; Investigate, find that the Bulgarian's IP address is the Bulgarian and maybe the publisher is in Bulgaria.

The profile of the person who suffers a & # 39; go after as soon as it is stolen, and the number of fans on social networking is just what it is; draw on who hit. Experts who advise us to be careful, but they are stupid about doing; Total protection from haulage.

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