This Theodore, which the police are investigating for threats to Boyko Borisov

Photos: Facebook

Boyko, you fire free of charge! Fuck you dirty, sell it! "" Bulgaria lover! "

This was written in Facebook by Tenaor Nikolov of Varna the police check it to make the murder threats to the Prime Minister.

At the job, Nikolov appears with a rifle, which is unclear. The picture shows her at home and on slippers that have been torn over their big toes. However, the framework causes more ridicule of the threats.

“When you look at you, what you're in, you might be thundering yourself,” write a user. Despite that, Theodore Nikolov seems to be a BSP fan because he wants to Often, this would include the sharing of TV films.

The ARC says that services were started and that the threats have been investigated by police. The reader for the post in the social network was made available to the reader of the group.

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