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Tsvetanov later in the Parliament – as supporter of GERB

Tsvetanov later in the Parliament - as supporter of GERB

The Vice-Chair of GERB Tsvetan Tsvetanov returned to parliament as a lasting friend of the party's parliamentary group, as can be seen from the list of his patronage to the National Assembly. It has been ten days after an MP retired on his "Apartmentgate" and his solemn office from Parliament with gift-bearers.

Tsvetanov, who chaired the GERB parliamentary group and the internal commission, forgot both jobs, but remained the vice-president of the party and the head of his main election office. Then he told him "there's no drama" and he will continue to keep "close links" with GERB and help the new chairman, Daniela Daritkova.

It is now understood that Tsvetanov will continue to work in the National Assembly, although he is not a depute headteacher, but a GERB supporter. It is only recorded in the register that the area in which he is employed is a councilor "Vice Chair of PP GERB".

An MP from GERB explained to Mediapool that Tsvetanov was included in the list of colleagues to facilitate easy access to the National Assembly and that he was required as vice-president of the party. to the structures. Otherwise, every time he decides to go to parliament, he must warn the guards.

On Monday, Prime Minister Boyko Borissov announced that he was angry with Tsvetanov because he said there was no one to punish him. "Will the Lord destroy us, they can punish him, I can punish him, and I have done him", Borisov said at a meeting of Council of Ministers about the time of the CSCE, and next to it was Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev.

The decision of Tsvetanov was struck out of the parliament after a meeting with the First Minister immediately after the return of Tsvetanov from the United States. Before his retirement, there were people in Tsetska Tsacheva as justice minister and two ministers. All occupations were dismissed because of the scandal with luxury rooms purchased at prices below market rates.

However, in the following days, more people were losing his retirement – the last being the vice-president of GERB and chair of the power commission Delyan Dobrev and Sofia Tomi Nikolov Deputy Governor. However, there are media figures and statements about more politicians, which means that the end of posts is not allowed until the sound of the Tsvetanov media goes down.

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