United attractive goals have become clear in the summer

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Manchester United plans to buy three players in a window over the summer, saying TalkSport.

According to the British debate, this is the defense of Naples Calidou Kulibali, Ivan Rakitic of the Barcelona areas, as well as the defendant Aaron Wan-Bissau from Crystal Palace.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is likely to take the job permanently after the amazing team results from the team's oversight and these are the three Norwegian expert players who want to be a scandal.

But still, the price of the team is unclear, but Naples's Calidu sold for less than 100 million gallons, and Barca could divide with Croatia for a double number.

Wang-Bissau, which is 21 years old, is worth £ 10 million, however, however, the "eagles" will seek more money, because there is no division of the agreement.

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