Warren Buffett warned his shareholders of an inevitable mass disaster

These horrible letters were not for his shareholders, Berkshire Hathaway, the head of the land, sent to date. According to Buffett, a hard and severe accident can occur at any time. The finance sees two possible situations for its development, and in both cases the requests are very heavy and it looks like. If the disaster is promoted exclusively with people, it is likely to be the financial infrastructure it is.

"In the future, there will be a global human illness that looks directly at the catastrophic moments of Katrina and Michael just humorous"This is the relegation of Warren Buffett, the US repository, who was presented in the annual letter to the shareholders of the Berkshire Hathaway property company.

"The global accident is ahead of us and surely it will happen. It may happen tomorrow, and maybe a few decades later"- notes in the trouble. He said there was no way to predict what would come from the disaster.

Buffett identifies two possible situations for events. In the first location the generation causes storm accidents – a mixture of serious damage and a powerful earthquake. The geologists, seasonologists and environmental advocates have warned and carefully cared about an amazing event. It is anticipated that cataclysm is made, which is intensively higher than anything that has happened so far.

According to experts, it is likely that such a disaster arises from human activity. We will continue to & # 39; use of hydrocarbons, disable and & # 39; Cure that adversely affects the environment.

It is interesting that Buffett believes that electric cars can reduce the use of fossil fuels and help them to do so; avoid this situation. At the same time, there is little property in infrastructure that can protect people from future conflicts.

Many scientists believe that only 12 years of humanity are to stop global global disasters.

according to the second situation, The 88-year-old billionaire believes that the cause of the global accident can be a cyber attack that has a problematic impact. According to surveys, it is possible to do a great deal of cyber-food, which can be lost from $ 50 to $ 120 billion. The biggest risk is for financial infrastructure – online banks, databases and ATMs.

Regardless of the emerging situations, weights and businesses will be able to, A big loss suffered can not be taken into account by any insurance company. In fact, Buffett is confident that Berkshire Hathaway will not have problems.

Interestingly, another 88-year billionaire talks about a deadly risk in the future. This is George Soros, who is worried that Chinese-related funny information technologies will be. used to impede the foundations of the former democratic society. Soros also warns of the dangers of China and Russia's shared work.

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