Xiaomi plans to abandon its sources in Europe

For the past year, the struggle for an increase between Samsung, Huawei and Apple has become more wild. Evidence is also the first smart phony phones that gave her; first two companies.

Samsung Galaxy Fold - about its first print phone

Galaxy Fold – about Samsung's first mobile phone

Waiting, we start to & # 39; save

But on global market however Xiaomi Getting more and more sales, which makes us a & n; think the Chinese activist will be involved in a battle between Samsung, Huawei and Apple. There are many examples, similar to Canalys data for the fourth quarter of 2018, depending on what Xiaomi It is the world's largest four mobile supplier.

Xiaomi My 9, is the latest model of the company and its content

Expectations on Xiaomi My 9

That's something that's interesting to us

Xiaomi also offers phones with very good features at very high prices. And everything above, company and company plans to increase their number of sources.

According to CNBC, by the end of 2019, the Chinese maker wants to increase its number of sources in Europe at least three times.

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At the moment, Xiaomi is smaller than 50 sources on the boundaries of the Old Continent, and have plans to get over 150 at the end of the yearThe Post Office opened their first shop in Europe but in 2017 in Spain. Deputy Chief Xiaomi Van Xian saying it is a heavy decision, but they think they will implement the plan.

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Over the last few years, the Chinese Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus and Huawei attack have been on the European market.

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