Bulgarian tourism died secretly in the plane from Egypt



Bulgarian tourism died on an airplane that traveled from Egypt to Bulgaria.

The trip of a travel company was organized, and some of the reasons why it was a food poisoning in the hotel, he said to Bgonair.

On November 17, Alexandrina Panayotova and a group of Bulgarians going to Egypt, organized by a Bulgarian tour operator. For the first 7 days, everyone had stayed in a hotel in Hurghada where the food was great, according to Alexandrina. And ate most of the trips outside the hotel. When everyone moved to the hotel in Cairo, one of the old passengers grew ill and told the doctor that he had food poisoning from the hotel food before. The person was reinforced by the doctors and went on board the plane, but after an hour in the air he was ill.

Police told the person that the person had died naturally and that the procurator fiscal. case study. The group of travelers who had not received complaints about the food in the hotel said.

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