Buljubasich and the atmosphere at UC: "At any time Beñat's succession was the subject"


Despite the outcome of the Catholic University at the end of the 2018 National Championship, Beñat San José will have a " continue to co-ordinate the Strip for the 2019. season. This was named by sportsman Cruzados José María Buljubasich, who stated that the continuity of Basque was questioned, as they have been said to have come -mach from San Carlos de Apoquindo.

"I do not know why he was talking about, Beñat has a contract to December 2019, he is a coach who has been a leader of the 29 dates, I do not know where these drafts came from, not It's a matter, but it is clear whatever we can say, not the only thing that is the worst thing, for everyone and for everything, for being unhappy, for what it means, for their passion, for the intended purpose, but at any time the subject of the continuation of Beñat, "founded the Tati.

Buljubasich and San José have made a difference in their day-to-day work at UC, but Sportado sports manager said "I have an important relationship with all the coaches, and I have a very good relationship with Beñat," says "complex to refusal or confirm all the outputs, I think it would be good to have the arguments that come up with, out or what people say ".

Beñat San José has a current contract and its technical staff with UC to December 2019 / Photograph: Photosport Beñat San José has a current contract and its technical staff with UC to December 2019 / Photograph: Photosport

"For example, in my case, by Beñat, I have no problem, we have a very good relationship, we talk every day, of course, in all working relationships , there are ideas exchange, but the truth is that they are very spectacular when those things come up, "he said.

Previously, the archbishop said that "damage was made, things will be created, situations that may not be true, and we are here to work, to support to the team as big as possible, solve any situation that appears and plan everything Letting it be for the coming season. "

In this regard, Buljubasich made it clear that there is a consensus among the parties involved in the collection of the 2019 campus of the UC and that there is no kind of invitation from the technical group or from another. "I've been working for this for eight and a half years, a coach never wanted something special, we worked together, we checked the players who # 39, and the roles that can be strengthened, and when the competition ends, we will make decisions. There is no order, there is no power, there's nothing there, "he said .

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