Buljubasich was illegal: Beñat San José has a current contract to December 2019


Catholic University within days from a problem if your campaign is National Championship 2018 It's successful for your big story or failure. For your sports director, José María BuljubasichIt is a time that is full of bad eye and mind, but before there is clarity in the team that does not questionas it is continuity of his coach Beñat San José, one of the key responsibilities in the campaign that takes the "boundaries" of their star number 13.

"I do not know why he spoke, the truth, because Beñat has a current contract to December 2019, a coach that runs from the 29 dates 28 as a director, so I do not know where these drafts came from, not a topic; there, but it is clear that all that is impossible to say about a coach, it is clear that the victim is not a caretaker, "said the backbone formerly "edge". "

It also grew up with any decision on it reinforcements to address the next Copa Libertadores when the season ends, as is the revision.

"Everything that needs to be done with their couples will be spoken next week. The conclusions, all that are ongoing or the ability to include, will be made from (the next) Monday. We did not speak to anyone. There are things like those of Ampuero and Dituro in which nothing is spoken. Speaking things before it comes to an end, we Believe whether we are not responding"he said.

When asked again about connecting to the Spanish coach, thereafter facts about bankruptcy including Buljubasich's "Le Beñat has a good relationship, but it's not good to say & dish; confirm what comes out. We talk every day. In working relationships, exchange ideas. We are here for work, to support the team as big as possible. "

The next step and the end will live Catholic University In the competition, this Sunday will take 17:30 hours at the Stadium "Germán Becker", when he wants to Sport Temuco that is struggling to do & # 39; avoid climbing.

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