Bulldogs Describe horrors in Yei River State in South Sudan


An unidentified number of people were killed and hundreds of other people killed the battle in Yei Africa in South Sudan this week.

In this most recent war, government forces moved to the SPLA-IO forces (Sudanese People's Movement) to fight the rebels of the National Health Response led by General Thomas Cirillo. Residents say that the talks are happening in several towns of the Otogo County in the state of the Yei River, which is in the southern part of the country. Towns will prevent both sides of the protection and possession of property. house setting in a fire.

From a peace agreement in September, this is one of the first decisions in which a group of rebels has joined forces with the government against another group of advocates, in this case, National Salvation Front. NAS is the largest militia range that has refused to sign its contract.

Yei River State, South Sudan

Yei River State, South Sudan

The struggle continues in the problem area, according to a number of people; flee to violence in the towns of Otogo, Ondorsori, Morsak, Goja and Ombaci.

Esther Siama, who lived in Ondukori, said to flee to her. her home on Thursday night and walked in the bus all night before arriving at the town of Yei on Friday morning, a number of soldiers from a woman attacked by sex and others who were misleading.

"Once the soldiers arrived a special place they were hitting civilians. The women's soldiers attacked each other and attacked domestic animals such as hens, goats and cattle," said Siama to Focus on South Sudan.

Charlie & # 39; tells of violence

One of the 60's is a staying in the Morsak town, which likes to "Charles" to be marked as a fright, and saw four bodies on the ground. He also said that the fire guns of his home were all fire.

"When they get into a house, they burn balloons inside the house. The soldiers were down by one of the old people, a 70 year old brother and they were threatened to kill him in Focus.

He said he spent four days in the mail, and to walk in Yei finally. "Some of the people were killed dead and even my son was injured on the crash," Charles added.

Hillary Luate Adeba, Bishop of the Diocese of Yeann, the South Sudan Episcopal Church, who is from Otogo County, defines the violence, saying he is a heart breaker. revitalized peace treaty.

"The southern side of Yei is in danger at risk. People are escaping. There are a number of troops involved in a great fight in the area and the only Yei now has a blood," said Adeba to South Sudan in Focus.

Call to stop fire

Bishop of Archbishop urged the halting sides of fighting in Yei.

Obed Taban, Deputy Chairman of the Yei River Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, said hundreds of civilizations on the outskirts of the Yei town on Friday in poor use of humanitarian aid.

"We have over 200 IDPs [Internally Displaced Persons] and there is still more and we want the humanity partners to help the IDPs with food, medicines and non-food items because they do not have any of these, "said Taban to VOA.

Government troops manage urban areas

Most of the Yei State towns are controlled by the same anti-anti-SPN-IO or National Salvation Front counterpart. There are more urban areas that include administrative depots controlled by government forces.

SPLA-IO's militant spokeswoman said that Colonel Lam Paul Gabriel responded to the National Covenant of Savings for his / her. complaint disputes against lawyers.

"We know that the areas around Otogo are under the control of NAS forces under the direction of General Thomas Cirilo. The SPLA-OO is not responsible," said Gabriel to VOA.

NAS spokesman Samuel Suba Manasseh says that his body is disturbing anyone who is under any control.

"It is an offense for any National Rescue soldiers who block civilians and is also against NAS laws. We are not part of fighting and fighting. harassment of people, "said Manaseh to the Focus of South Sudan.

A military man alleges that he is happy

South Sudan army spokeswoman General Brigad General Domic denied the knowledge of the government's government forces in Otogo.

"I do not expect the SSPDF [South Sudan Army] trying to defend towns in Otogo County because it is the government forces that have been ordered to protect the civilian population, "said Domic to VOA. They stated how" propaganda "allegations negative "convicted against the Deans of Protection of South Sudanese People.

NAS Cirillo's president refused the revitalized peace agreement signed in September by President Salva Kiir, head of SPLA-IO Riek Machar, and other leaders of challenge.

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