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"Bumblebee" has been winning Dortmund at all times, Bayern Munich has been in & # 39; run, the two teams after winning their & # 39; This round, the gap remains at 9 points.

Dortmund won a series of five league games, and continued to maintain the season with 11 benefits and 3 a & drawing, with 36 points ahead. (Photograph: AFP)

(Germany, Berlin, 9th) Dortmund has been in & # 39; winning "Bumblebee", Bayern Munich has been running, the two teams in this tour have won, the gap remains at 9 points.

In the 14th round of this week of the Bundesliga, Dortmund received a visit with draenei and Sancho, Counting Sirke 2-1 in the "Ruhr derby", and Bayern on the front of the writer Sgio only awarded an award and Liberi was involved, which affected Nuremberg 3-0 at home .

After this tour, Dortmund streak won five league games, and continued to win her. Holding up the season with 11 benefits and 3 dragging, with 36 points ahead. Bayern streak won two games and is currently 2nd with 8 winners, 3 drawers, 3 losses and 27 points.

Under such circumstances, Bayern still has 9 points behind Dortmund. If they want to defend the campaign successfully, they can not wait to lose Dort but they can not make any mistakes and they should do it; always win.

Bayern records after the coach have changed this season, and they are the first time in the & # 39; A tour that is currently under the last ten walks, the final performance of the defense, is undoubtedly strengthening the team's confidence.

Sancho supernova, 18, at Dort, joined the campaign in this campaign. He said after his game that he would help the grandmother who died midnight.

Sancho lost the training on the Thursday team, because his grandmother died, but before the start of the weekend, he said after playing a member club, and stopped his arrest; sadness.

This is the fifth visit in the league 13 times this season, plus 6 support, the show is very hot. He said after his game: "This goal is very meaningful for my family. My grandmother has lost away. I want to give her my love. I'm very pleased to get the team and team win 3 points. "

The 27-year-old Delaney midfielder, who has entered Dortmund this summer, has finally killed 12 league goals.

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