Buriram's police moved to death. The whole car burned down


Buriram's police moved to death. The whole car burned down

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Buriram's police fled from dead, a fierce car fire came out. Before his car crashed in front of his eyes, with a spirit under the car, I do not know why …

On January 29, Lt. Col. Suthat Sa-Namphon, Deputy Police Officer (Survey), Satuek Police Station reported a police car fire. Ban Khok Suphan, Lieutenant Ron Thong, Satuek-Buriram Road Away from the commercial airport, Buriram, about 1 kilometer, with a 4-door truck of Toyota Revo truck 7, 4372 Bangkok It was burnt, burnt and damaged. Pol.Lt. Choinnich Col. Wisit Buasalawongwong, Head of Police Station, Chum Saeng Police Station, with the driver

Lt. Col. He knew he had been driving from Buriram to Chum Saeng Police Station when he was in a position; travel to their airports. He saved a fire at the back of the car So you moved to park their car and leave it; car immediately Instantly Just a few minutes, the fire has spread out to the car. Before the firefighters come to help with the fire, it will take more than 30 minutes. The purpose of the fire is still unidentified.

Although Mr Pornpipat Tadthuyawat, age 55, fireman, Ron Thong's administrative division, who saw the incident, said he was running on the streets He showed that the car ran at a distance And there were ideas burning under the car Before it was spread rapidly And he saw a stop on the car A quick emergency door station opened a car. Then the fire quickly escaped the car until it was destroyed.

General Suthat General Lieutenant said he had to wait for a Buriram evidence officer. With technical staff from Toyota Buriram Come for the purpose of the fire again.

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