Burma's people fear the body of Dang Van Lam's body


There was a bit of astonishment at that time when Deng Van Lam was seen. At the meeting on 18/11, fans of this country are Congratulations to Cong Phuong because they know the strike strike through the media and social networks. For example, it is not possible to look at Quang Hai, which is being Best regards of Vietnam23 at 23 finalists in Asia.

Myanmar newspaper contains some pages of Dang Van Lam's commentary. It seems that they have found information about a Russian-Vietnamese keeper at some point on the internet. Unlike the media in this country, Antoine Hey may have been learning, studying in detail about Vietnam Phone. He said Dang Van Lam was the most famous name in the Vietnam side.

Dang Van Lam's Dunner worked in Myanmar. Photograph: Duc Cuong

In fact, to this extent, Dang Van Lam has little opportunity to showcase. In the game put Vietnam Vietnam on board Malayis with the recent 2-0 score, Lam "west" must only work two situations with full potential. It says that there is a protection on it; phone to see very good, Vietnam has played well. The German military leader of Myanmar reinforced that it is to defend Vietnam's strongest position and wants to break that strong point.

Myanmar will be familiar with headaches when the plan finds its way towards Vietnam's aim. At this time, Van Lam is a reliable guardian and is worthy of a place in the wooden frame. But before this carer stopped his case, Antoine Hey's coach also has another work to step through the "rock" in front of the visit.

Until tonight, this Park coach will keep up ambitions about the beginning of summer tomorrow. However, the condition of the garden does not appear to change. If so, this would be an opportunity for Van Lam to continue to demonstrate her skills.

Myanmar vs Vietnam: Big Bang Thuwunna?

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