Burnaby's home of Michael Bublé is one of the most valuable in B.C.


An B.C. The Valuation Authority has released its list of the most valued 500 British residences in British Columbia and it is not surprising that there is a majority in Vancouver Town. But there are multi-million dollar homes throughout the area and there is a list of the most prestigious homes in the islands of Palm Springs, Burnaby, Whistler, Langley and Surrey.

The Seattle Billionaire Craig McCaw is the Island James near Vancouver Island. It is rated at $ 57.76 million.

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Eilean James

• The location of an old dynamite business and hereditary home chosen for the First Nation Tsawout, the 770 acre building is located on the Vancouver Island, south of Sydney, and is owned by JI, a billionaire owned by Seattle Craig McCaw. It is rated at $ 57.76 million and is currently completed in a lawsuit, with the First Nation Tsawout seeking ownership. Lawyer of Aboriginal Bands, John Gailus, said that a & # 39; Pre-trial trial and McCaw's body does not object to the application, leaving it up to B.C. and federal governments.

Michael Buble's home in Burnaby.




• The estate that Bublé did not hit the best Canadian crooner, with the home of Michael Bublé recently finishing the list at Burnaby at $ 21.67 million. The house at 7868 Government Road is built on an 2.3 acre site and has 22,300 square feet. It comes with seven bedrooms and 15 bathrooms.

Colorado Avalanche Center Alexander Kerfoot, the son of Gregory Kerfoot, who has a home in Whistler, is worth $ 17.6 million according to the latest B.C. Authority Figures Assessment.

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• The 2177 Lake Placid Road has a value of $ 17.6 million and its 6.6 acres site sit. The 5,000 square homes, five bedrooms, eight bedrooms are charged by Gregory and Lisa Kerfoot, Vancouver Whitecaps owners. It has a full-size ice-cream, which is used by three sons Kerfoot, including Alexander Kerfoot who plays a base for the Colorado Avalanche and has 21 points in 36 games to date.


• Located at an 8.23 ​​acre lottery, this 5-square square house at 7661 197 is owned by Mitchell Latimer 197 Inc. and was purchased in May, 2017, for $ 10 million. According to the evaluating authority, on July 1st 2018, worth $ 18 million. He is the director of Mitchell Latimer 197 Inc. Kenneth Mitchell.

This home at 17146 20 Avenue is the most prestigious in Surrey according to B.C. Authority Estimated at $ 31.6 million.

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• Located at 17146 20 Avenue, this home is valued at $ 31.6 million and is owned by Carol J. Ager. Situated on a 19-acre lottery with two lochs and a tennis court, the house is 23,423 square feet. In 2017 its value was $ 30 million. The next residences in Surrey is at 17895 24 Avenue, and is worth the value of $ 19.9 million.

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