Burning Prabowo 24% in the Celebes Survey, BPN: We run Fast


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The findings of the Celebes Research Center (CRC) survey results released a Jokowi-Ma & RuRin Amin pair with a 20% discount from Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno. The Prabowo-Sandiaga National Winning Group (BPN) was unhappy to disturb the survey results.

"Whatever the number Prabowo-Sandi received, the hard work needs to be to help citizens become stronger. We are opponents, who are not as incapable and as big as a person , so we will not be worried about election surveys, "said Prabowo-Sandiaga BPN spokesman, Faldo Maldini told Sunday journalists (10/2/2019).

In addition, Faldo said that he did not make the results as a sign of Prabowo-Sandiaga's influence. Accordingly, residents' commitment was to confirm that the pairs were supported by the people.

"Whatever the survey results, even the internal survey that says the pace so far, we did not make signs. Our big record from home to house. Sand Sandi often goes to Java Central because there are some areas that affect the development of unwanted infrastructure development Yesterday, Mr Zul yesterday, a few days in Java Ear. Whatever the search results, we need to run faster, "he said.

"Whatever numbers Prabowo-Sandi got, the hard work needs to be stronger than the support of citizens. We are opponents, not so powerful as owners and as many as owners, and so we will not be worried about election surveys, go through the roads & support to 02 or who's the salary to & to ASN. and we do not want, that is, the same way is to confirm residents from door to door, "said Faldo.

Apart from that, for Prabowo-Sandiaga, not only does the selection be lost and its; win. Elections, Faldo, said as a place for political education.

Indeed, the Russian Ambassador has rejected Russia's problem and propaganda. Facebook also seems to ask the crew team to be involved in Saracens. If Facebook is right, we believe that this system is indeed a cause of hate that we will; look every day, "he said.

PAN politicians also stated that survey results were also not a sign of candidate impact. As a result, research centers are not explicit in the ways and data found.

"In law, he fails to receive fifty more men for the election. That is, the study can be read in other ways, that is the person with a 6% pace The survey is if it is used for dangerous propaganda, try to open the data. "You did not have much to open it," said Faldo.

Previously, the Celebes Research Center (CRC) allowed a feasible survey of the two presidential candidates ahead of the 2019 president's election. The result was that Joko Widodo-Ma # 39; ruf Amin na b & # 39; better than Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno.

The survey was carried out in the period from 23-31 January 2019 against 1,200 respondents with a multicultural sampling method. Survey error error is +/- 2.83% with a 95.0% confidence level.

Samples from 34 departments in Indonesia have been distributed consistently. The data collection is done by way of face-to-face interview just by using a questionnaire with training interviewees. Quality control of 20%.

"The president's candidate elections are the inaccurate question if the election is held today, if Pak Jokowi is 56.1%, Pac Prabowo is 31.7%. It does not know whether & # 39; 12.2% response, "said the Executive Director of the Celebration Herman Heizer Research Center at Bakoel Koffie, Cikini, Jakarta Central, Sundays (10/2/2019).

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