Burning the torch in the English Court: when Meghans cry Kate


It's been six months since Prince Harry and Meghan were married and it seems that the new air enters the royal family, American comedian is more like "tight" inside Kensington Palace. In any case, this is how some Kensington Palace staff would now refer to The Duchess of Sussex.

We had mentioned the job that staff left to have; Prince Harry and his wife and the two wishes of the principles of being able to; Share the teams and now depend on two different offices. Concerns to the spectators of the Royal Family of England. Why so sorry? The father is not, Prince Charles remains on the throne.

But now another amazing decision has been made by the staff of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle. The future parents will leave Kensington Palace, where the furniture was next to Kate and William, for their homes on the edge of Windsor Castle, outside the main town of London. An amazing decision but confirmed because Meghan and Harry do not want "their children are in the future to live as a golden fish in a jar", some of the reservoirs in the Palace appeared.

In the screen, the languages ​​are deleted and there are real reasons to provide official legal routes. It is a real problem that Meghan would not want to be next door with the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate.

"The two young women who are not getting the landlords …", answering several sources. And there has been a strife between the two women before the famous May 1 wedding. The Sun newspaper, which reports on the morning, is & # 39; This episode Kate left tears.

When he was trying to wear the clothes of Princess Charlie, who would have a respected baby post at Harry's Classic Cluster wedding, Meghan would have been particularly stressful and her. disturbed him. His wife would enter "many times so everyone can do the best to be 31 for their big day", but Charlotte's faults did not have a little princess, 3 years, and her; Responding to the requirements established by Hollywood actress, recites the Sun.

Instant at the palace suddenly said that this would be very difficult, and Meghan placed too much emphasis on Charlotte and Kate, and that the Duchess of Cambridge had just started, this session in tears.

The magazines would have made an explanation after this event and they would have agreed to return to this event. But now, six months after integrating "The Firm", it seems that it is difficult to have a Megan character Meghan reconciliation with his new status.

Her actress in Hollywood would have a big change changing her new job. Queen would even have an interview with her; Prince Harry to ask Meghan who was not so hard to talk to the palace staff. Many talk about leaving his personal helper, after just 6 months, in British papers.



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