Burnley manager, Sean Dyche, expects questions about the Premier League Premier League


Burnley has only won four of their 20 games to win this season in every competition

Sean Dyche, chief executive of Burnley, recognizes that "questions are asked" after 2-1 home has sank with his / her;

Burnley, who lost four of their league games at Turf Moor, is the point above the top three in the 17th century.

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 live, Danny Mills, an ex-English internationalist called Teche, who was under pressure from Clarets fans.

"Signs are better but we need to get results, we know that," said Dyche.

"The idea is full. There is no character shortage – you will not find where we are without character."

Burnley's weekend last season, which led to the Europa League certificate, was built on the strength of defense because they did only 39 goals in the total league campaign.

But Newcastle's impact is on Turf Moor on Monday that means Dyche's side has 27 goals away in just 13 games. He issued until 31 March to allow that number to be introduced in 2017-18.

Previously Leeds' defensive mills, which said Monday's game for BBC Radio 5 were live, and & # 39; Ask if Burnley fans get lost to Dyche if their results do not get better.

"You must start thinking Burnley is in trouble," said Mills. "That's why I'm asking Burnley fans to question: how much, if ever, is Sean Dyche under pressure?

"I have a great support for Sean and let me be clear, I do not think it should be under pressure. It's astonishing at the club and they have been punished above their stress for so long.

"But you can not keep playing like that – pumping long balls up to two big boys ahead.

"They need something different. They need to change the way in which they play."

Burnley has not won in six matches but Dyche said he was seeing some good signs when they lost Newcastle.

"There is a process now with the team to become stronger," he said. "That does work, a mental problem – which we have – and sustainability.

"The truth is that there are questions, but we've been through that.

"Amazingly we had a fancied team – we had to fight for all of us until now and we will continue to do so.

"I think there was a good stuff tonight but unfortunately – and I have never been enough to think of the opposite – you will find results."

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