Business Property launches "Afaq" to support small and medium business enterprises


The Saudi Business Development Fund (SIDF) introduced a number of initiatives and materials as part of the new strategy that supported business development and monitoring economic change in the United Kingdom. This happened during a while; The open meeting held by the Business Chamber Sunday Housing at Sundays attended a number of investors and industry department investors. "The vision of the Business Fund in the last time has been based on ongoing communications and just with the business community, investors and those interested in the business and disseminating ideas and suggestions, where we held Over 35 meetings and workshops. With business and investment committees in the industrial sector in different areas of the United Kingdom to consider the strategy and fund services. "

Al-Mu explained that Enterprise and Enterprise assets have their business and assets; meet the needs of investors in the business sector and support the growth of business in general. The initiatives were between different funding materials, advisory services and training programs. "This year, we launched the" How to Start Your Industrial Project "training program in partnership with the Chamber of Commerce in various areas of the United Kingdom to support young people and women interested in to invest in the business sector and train them in basic skills to start their projects. Of 500 trainees "and continue to" set up the program in all parts of the United Kingdom in the coming months.

During the meeting, the Business Fund team reviewed the strategic revitalization plan and the most important achievements and campaigns, including the Afaq program to support small and medium-sized business businesses, launch its first campaigns to stimulate the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises. Prior loan amounts, longer repayment periods with smaller tolerance requirements, and the benefit of SME "ambitious" program.
Initiatives reviewed by the IFAD team include the "Energy Effective Delivery Delivery" and "Digital Translation Funding" initiative to improve energy efficiency and reduce costs as well as the latest technology in the development of strategies work and productivity development through a variety of incentives.

The meeting was part of a series of preliminary meetings launched by the Fund in conjunction with Trade and Industry Rooms in different sectors to meet investors and businessmen of investors and to review on the funding and advisory initiatives and outcomes designed by the & Business Fund to meet the needs of the business sector in the United Kingdom.

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