Butterflies are in danger of Gothenburg's funny parks of their mail


In the years 2006 to 2015, the University of Lund, in conjunction with SLU, created butterflies in Malmö parks and green spaces. In the traditional parks, half of the butterfly species were out there. In unsupported areas, species were also killed, but new ones were replaced, and over time the kingdom of the species was around the same.

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– – There are several aspects why it is important for biodiversity in cities. Anna Persson, a researcher at the Center for Environmental and Environmental Research at Lund University, said the biodiversity itself and pollination services that the insecticides will do.

Understanding lost

– – Then there is also a value to get biodiversity. Often in the cities we have the opportunity to experience the nature of our daily lives and surveys show that we are so big today that we have lost their understanding of nature. Young people can not make sure that species have disappeared because the nature they are used is so bad in itself, it continues.

Butterflies are better in environments with colonies and non-pronounced areas, something like that, where the butterfly hostel is found. Then drink butterflies can drink nectar and the larvae eats other parts of the plant. The larvae are beautiful and can only live on a few plant species.

Make sure there is land

So, the study emphasizes the importance of the # 39; It is to keep green areas undeveloped when urbanization is estimated. Not only does this benefit butterflies, but also other butterflies that are in use; pollinators.

– – Most well-managed enclosures are simply losing most species. It shows a great value to & # 39; Think about how to deal with a green area and maybe more native species, "said Anna Persson.

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