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A huge American IT company buys a company with an office in Kiev - photo

Nvidia expects to buy it
The company Mellanox from Israel

Nvidia is named
The intention is to purchase the rubbish bin and the Israeli network equipment Mellanox
for $ 6.9 billion, this is about $ 1 billion more than the Mellanox exchange rate
at the moment. The contract will be completed by the end of 2019, and was described by Nvidia.

The Mellanox main office is in California. Mellanox also has the office of R & D.
in the Ukraine, giving up to 80 experts. The company opened it in 2017
Kiev, in the Leonardo Business Center, will have done a successful job with a number of partners in the UK, marking AIN.

More details were displayed in the media
about the conflict between Nvidia, Intel and Microsoft – each of these companies wanted. t
included. The reason for such rushes in Mellanox Technologies's area of ​​operation. Company
engaged in the production of integrated visits that are used in computing areas
some of the best exhibitions. Against the growing demand for cloud
services, this sector promises a huge income.

Previously there are already Nvidia and Mellanox
collaborating in the large area of ​​computers. Companies formed
two of the most powerful compasses of the time, Sierra and Summit America
using the US Energy Department.

The most famous section
Mellanox activities – providing switches and InfiniBand network Ethernet network changes.

Official Nvidia account
it is likely that the new takeover will help the company “add the full results to data centers,” t
develop network and store performance equipment, reduce costs
As a result of their purchase, Nvidia does not plan to reduce Mellanox's efforts
in Israel. The company promised to support the production of local talent as well
it does not provide support and sales.

It has been said earlier that Ukrainians spent a lot of time and money on mobile games.

It was also told Apple they lost the company status most recently.

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