Buy medicinal patients for $ 85 million to escape


Learn Tung's connection, and Deputy Head of Psychology Department – Medical Intelligence Hospital, I'm breaking up to an otia patient for 85 million.

On 21/11, Ho Chi Minh City Police Department stated that the unit had completed criminal investigation with two defendants, Le Thanh Tung (SN 1986), who lived in Cau Den ward Hai Ba Trung and Vuong Sy Long (SN 1977), who live in the Dong Xuan area, Hoan Kiem area due to serious injuries.

On October 27, 1977, Tung and Long and about six others went to a bar at Hang Tre Street, Hoan Kiem area to drink alcohol. At 1:30 p on October 28, 1977, the Tung Do Hoang Hiep group, a resident in the Dinh Cong townships area, Hoang Mai area with Vu Thanh Long, Nguyen Huu Tho and others.

As Tung and Hiep struggled, both parties had a decision. A Tung group used a sharp knife, which caused injuries to three young men belonging to the Hiep group.

The Hanoi Center for Forensic Medicine has a problem: Do Hoang Hiep has a 47% health reduction rate; Vu Thanh Long 19% and Nguyen Huu Tho 3%. The total loss of the health of the three victims is 69%. The behavior of the defenders Le Thanh Tung and Vương Sluagh Long had attempted to convince one offense.

After a while in danger, on 19 January 1818, Le Thanh Tung was arrested by Hoan Kiem Police Department.

The thing at Le Thanh Tung. Picture: capital security.

Working in the CQDT, Tung did not reveal anything about crime crime and also asked for himself to be ill in collaboration.

A few days later, Nguyen Thi Tung's mother came to her police station to insert Tung's mental illness (copy) of medical records (copies) with the Central Psychiatric Hospital I Health on 21/12/2017 .

With professional steps, the police found that Tung complained that fraudulent mental health was being used.

As a result of the fighting process, the police identified, after their defeat. In fact, Tung has been counting the problem that he has; suffering from mental illnesses to escape. So, in connection with the unidentified woman, Tung Nguyen Tuan Mac, Nutrition Department (Central Psychiatric Hospital I) met, and Grateful to Tung's Trouble Disease for 85 million South West

Mac then went to doctor Than Thai Phong, former head of the Department of Psychiatry (Intoxicinal Hospital I) who was made as a medical illness for Tung.

In addition to the seriously injured reason, Lehih Tung, Nguyen Tuan Son, Phong Thai will be offended against the criminal counterfeit for verifying medical records.

According to the Municipal Security Newspaper, Ha Noi's police has charged the accused, Thinh Thai Phong and Nguyen Tuan Son, and at the same time I wrote an official letter to the Mental Hospital I., which Describing the dozens of recordings of # 39; Patients treated in this hospital to carry out the inspection.

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