Buying the price, a & # 39; Thinking very rich but happy to "leave the country to go"


Thursday, November 22, 18:00 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

What would you do if a beautiful day was an owner of a lottery prize worth up to $ 270 million (6,299 billion)?

Many people may shop and go. rest for life to old age. But in that case, there was a special case that had to go through bad life because of the money he had spent. coming from the air.

Adrian Bayford, 48, is from Australia. Bayford had to give his daily life and sell the $ 14 million after winning the prize. He would have to sell all his pet, and to close both recording stores. He even sells all the titles on his estate, and including 38 houses in Haverhill, Suffolk, as its neighbors are increasingly helping it and it is always a " remote feeling with great money. no.

Bayford has huge money on royal life. Since winning the award in 2012, he has been a "farmer deputy". Bayford regularly offers money to large centers and even to # 39; Buying a $ 2.7 million horse race school ($ 62 million). Not only that, Bayford also had a local rock festival inside the mansion. However, the free life does not comfort the person with whom it is.

"Everyone wants to make fortune in that fortune," said Bayford. He can not even drink outside lambs due to a disturbance from people around.

Achieving the special prize, which & # 39; Thinking pretty but happy to be

Adrian Bayford won the special prize when he was not split

Not only that, money is also making it harder for Bayford in the affair. After 2012, he separated his wife and broke his lover three times. Bayford says that the bonus is to make people want to use it more than to # 39; loved love. Bayford sent hundreds of thousands of pounds over her lover Sam Burbrdge. However, it has built $ 540,000 ($ 13 billion) with an excellent $ 108,000 ($ 2.5 billion) car and fled last year. So, it was too bad with love and now he wants to be relaxed.

Very tired for lively wealth, Bayford had previously moved to a secret place in Australia and liked it; life as a whole. Bayford, a close friend, said: "It does not make a sense to my friend, including the luxurious town or land. It was hurt seriously after the failure of the affair. Now, it just wants to be safe. "

The picture is

The photograph was taken by a 25-year-old photographer, showing the real life of rich people all over the world.

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