Büyükçekmece had almost 26,000 voters


City of Istanbul City and local elections
The applicant made the statement Mevlüt Uysal recited.

Uysal's description is:

"After the appeal, the Büyükçekmece elections became very controversial.
what happened, what did we get as a candidate? What legal processes we knew, along with them
they do the information connected.

The number of electors in the elections held in June 25, at 172,000 351, has to be corrected; Today, the difference between 174,000 661 is around 2000 100. Why is there so little difference? CHP officers said that there is nothing to discuss.

June 24 to raise about 100 miles in voter lists just 2 of one of Turkey ever, although it was ever better; stay as a non-voter move. In 11 months, 11,000 954 voters were reduced from 172,000 351 voters. The people killed, those who go abroad, are those who enter the army and for those who are going out of division. There are now 14,000 264 electors who cannot be new electors. In total, around 26-27,000 voter movements have taken place.

Büyükçekmece registrar for the location of 3000 092 of voters not recorded. It means, like, a form of citizenship. It is not possible for 26,000 voters to be made. It needs to be organized in a structured way. After the postal-based registration system has been distributed, it is possible to update voters' lists by registering citizen registration instead of the town enumeration system.


When all voters register, the registration office can register at an address from the town. Land registration cannot be made. Registration cannot be made for any workplace. The address in the numarataj system is required before registering for the city. Addresses were created with a numarataj system so that voters could write down their voices.

"There are 3 Ways of Fake Voting."

Two methods and three are used for places to register the voter's registration. It has been demonstrated that the places where consent was given have been granted but not built for the building. The second way is that the blank addresses will be in the places used as holiday homes in the Büyükçekmece area. Places with a third agenda are defined as housing.


Something is worse than that. Advanced measure of fraud. A building was approved. It was shown as if the building had two other floors. In this way, voters can write addresses.

When we found the voters were not present when the voting lists were stopped we saw that there were some vacancies and electors on construction. We put it forward quickly against 736 voter registration. We upheld the complaint against the local councils. CHP also asked the same voters. A record of 717 is frozen. However, we have reviewed the addresses of the voters recorded and during the update a further 830 voting records were made. When opposing this, there is clear provision in the law. One-to-one guidance is required by law enforcement. Whilst it was so small that the area security officers could not be reached.


What is the reason for it? Not decide with the police force. Control is not possible. This is just another voter who does not move anything else. In 8 months, 20% of voters have moved at such a high level of turnout, namely a 26-27,000 electorate turnout. Of course, no finds. In our complaint, the table said “heavy corruption was promised here, and blood documents were processed.” When we look at them, they were made from a crowd.


This is someone called Mehmet Özgür Samanlı, who is a city due to lack of civil servants. The number of engagements by other officers is 4 times. On 17 January, we lodged a complaint, and was arrested on 18 January. Osman Dogan was arrested. The case is now sent to the procurator fiscal's office. In the city, there are people who work to organize these issues so that a great election movement can be created. We know that Hasan Akgün has been invited to the report.


We know that those who are taken from the voters' list will vote AK. This is not a change of voters. Our current complaint is not just a voter going to another place. What is this? This is an overall task of a team within the city and the city and Population to influence the results. When we look at the total of 3 miles deleted we then removed a total of 14,000 records. When we look at the average in Istanbul, there is a 3% rise after 24 June. 13-14 thousand voters vote here.

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