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Monday, 11/11/2018 17:30 PM (GMT + 7)

According to Viet Airlines Corporation (ACV), the Thanh Long Airport will be implemented by 2025, after its commencement at the end of 2020.

On November 19, the latest information from the Vietnam Airlines Company (ACV) is reported to the Ministry of Defense and its detailed planning to complete the Visiting Inspection Report International Airport Project Than Than Long in June 2019 and the Government's report to the National Assembly for approval of the meeting in October 2019.

ACV invented resources and made preparatory work to start construction by the end of 2020. According to this plan, Long Thanh Airport will be implemented by 2025 at the most recent time. of the National Assembly, the Government.

After consulting more than 5 months co-ordinators "Consultants' review and preparation of feasibility study (FS) level 1" with Japan – France – Vietnam's consultancy (ACF), ACV is trying to do Competitive scrutiny reports that meet the improvement and quality requirements that will be sent to the National Assembly for approval by the end of 2019.

By 2025, Thanh Long Airport will start to & # 39; getting passengers - 1

View of Long Thanh Airport

According to ACV's representative, to date, the overall progress of JFV consultation issues has met its contractual requirements. Main actions to be implemented in the first three months of the year, like to # 39; gathering results for research; petition pre-reporting for air traffic; which is shared between the Long Thanh airport and the Tan Son Nhat airport; A data collection for the design of technical systems, air space design and plane design … is finished on the menu.

ACV continues to work with consultants to implement the implementation of the items. However, to ensure the launch of the project in June 2020 and to implement Long Thanh Airport in 2025, support from local authorities, particularly the Ministry of Transport Transport.

Thanh Long International Airport is one of the important national transport sector projects. The port is reached level 4F planning as determined by the International Civil Aviation Agency (ICAO); is an important airport in the country, aiming to be a regional divisional airport, with the ability to complete the three levels of 100 million passengers per year and 5 million tonnes of cargo per annum.

In short-term, a & # 39; first level investment in the construction of a bedrock, passenger destination with a capacity of 25 million passengers per annum, a goods destination 1.2 million tonnes of cargo per annum and supportive items. synchronized.

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