By adding this type of spices to green tea; help burn fire


Natural drinks play an active part in burning fat stored in the body, but must be taken regularly with a balanced diet to lose weight.

Dr. Mahmoud Afifi, a specialist in childhood obesity and illness, has been one of the best natural drinks for losing weight because of antioxidants that have a cell damage and cholesterol.

Afifi praised he would send half a teaspoon of farmers' powder into a green tea cup, as he added to his position in a & # 39; burn the body fat. It also includes anti-inflammatory drugs, and so it does not. gives more protection to the body. So sugar does not increase the calories of drink.

In addition to the previous drink, Afifi spent another race for a healthy drink that also has a opening the fat by increasing capacity to & # 39; body to burn burns, mix a fresh or dry jersey with half lemon juice, mix it with a cup of boiling water, cover to cool up and then eat Before bedtime.

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