By complimenting a free meal we want to eliminate different social differences among children, he explained Tomáš


Bratislava, November 22, 2018 (SITA / HSP / Photograph: TASR-Michal Svítok)

Free lunchtime design we want to eliminate different social differences among children and their eating habits. Smer-SD MEP, Smer-SD at today's meeting at the SR Committee on Social Affairs, Erik Tomáš

Pictured by the applicant Erik Tomas (SMER-SD)

"For example, in Scandinavia, this amount made the results of children, attendance food and even the school's results on. Poor children have better integration of the team," explained Tomas.

Free lunches will have a primary school cover and a & # 39; last year of girls. However, they will not affect grammar schools for eight years. "The grammar schools are secondary schools for eight years, and if they take free food from the schoolmasters and primary schools, they take them to secondary schools and also to eight year grammar schools," explained Tomáš.

The average grant for each pupil's food is 1.20. In her recommendation, Smer-SD asks that this sum be repaid to the parent. "However, there are also schools where the development is for a higher meal. With the Town and Town Association in Slovia, we look for a non-parental solution to pay no hundred. We have on the right track, "says Thomas, saying that a lunch portion will come when the pupil completes his / her; teaching process and lunch.

Smer-SD according to Tomas was also the suggestion that would have children with a special diet. When a doctor is confirmed that a pupil needs to obtain divine food, the food will be paid directly with their parent to ensure it.

If the Parliament has passed its & # 39; bill, will come into effect on 1 January 2019.

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