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I know that the life of a parental hockey is not easy. In fact, I know the theory plan only, just by & # 39; watching and seeing me, because I do not have children. And as Kuli said from the Desmod group, "Hat dropped in front of those parents."

Take the child to school, go to the school, take it to the trainer, wait for him to do something like ice after scaling, but by doing it; fall on his leg and try to stand up again, take it out of training and go home where he's waiting for you to clean, cook, homework … I can use an English word, it would be "wow". I am very fond of and respect and I am grateful to all such parents.

That's why it's odd to write about that even their children, their parents, are making mistakes. But after all, we all do it, it is about whether we can admit that we are doing something wrong. And this is a lot more important in this case, because it depends largely on whether or not it is; dream – to achieve a child of a successful person. And I do not mean a team of professional athletics.

Parental stress should not be at # 39; sees a future NHL star for his 10-year-old son. On the way, I'm beginning to be deceived by the talent word. Do you know what a world-wide competition? How lucky, what do you need, be unhappy, ripe, and situations that you need to take over the world? The truth is that someone is moving better than their peers; means that parents should see more and more parents, that is, a child who wants to play and play; relax at what she likes to do.

Child hockey training.


Child hockey training.

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Myth – Hocaidh (not e) is a fun sport

Many parents came to me after announcing the mythical word that it was a hugely sporting hockey. In addition to what is positive, negative feedback has come, and since then I feel that I need to insert things in a context.

I thought the game was hockey, an initial pack containing everything your baby needs is around 80 eur. He sits. In some clubs you will even get free. In particular, in the less scarce, they realize that their own lives are the responsibility of their; children who come to "the hell" in the seven years.

New add-ons for small "hockeyist" shop 50 eur. I write new letters in large letters because, despite the fact that many people have tried, no one believes that a new scandal must be at the age of 10 years. Instead, on the other hand, the new ones can have a small knife extensively to push them as long as they "break" and move. I had the first new wings in the 17th year when I left for the sea. And to make the world wonder, I have lived in the world.

The monthly contribution, at least in the Nitra section, which I have reviewed, is between 18 to 40 euros per month for hockey players so small. With a number of clubs asking parents to abandon their child "sniff" and when choosing a child AJ Hocaidh, they will start paying for the monthly installment. The aim of "AJ" will reach a few lines. so to & # 39; 500 euros every year, no 42 euros equipment.

There was a lot of water from the Danube, since I played hockey for a monthly contribution 1000 korunas Slobhach, which was about ten percent of the total monthly earnings of a mother who worked as a nurse.

Do you want to talk about it is a expensive hockey sport today? Ask my mother, who had two other sons next to me, and he will cost only eighty payments to the ice costs. Yes, the sums that I write above are from the "post" start and they also have a & # 39; increase due to the equipment.

Like everything, hockey is more expensive for older children. I do not try to refuse it. But with your hand on your heart, did you think hockey is so accessible? If anyone in the street asks who is the most expensive sport, he will appear "hockey" without long thinking.

Is that awful or not? What then skiing or tennis? I do not want to compare it with another sport. There is another sporting hockey, our youngsters need other sports. All sports, in modern computing time, which took place in the street. Street that gave us the sport and our freedom as well as the relationships values ​​in a much more difficult time than today, without coaches, parents or teachers. We learned and received play, sport and respect values.

Children need to play again on the street again.


Children need to play again on the street again.

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For every sport, even for hockey, there is another sport, important component. And those who love a child for one sport and preach their parents to sacrifice to others, they do not know what they say. They are not about developing a child. Not only, it is important that the child moves. What was my generation to tidy up the buildings they were doing? build, grow through the trees, & nbsp; shaking over the fences and fired in the parking parks, today the children do not; get the fun.

Statistics that tell you how much percent of NHL, NFL, and other professional fillings from different young businesses of a multi-sport age, have to say clearly. The wide range of sports for the child, the healthier and more complex development and development.

And that's where my head was wrong

And here I'm going back to "AJ" from the previous lines. Many parents, after my image, said everything was sitting, but I forgot the most difficult money: extra ice training outside those clubs, power scale hours, and foreign competitions attended 9 to 10 years old "must" take part in saying "something that was" and could be compared to the world's competition.

At the age of nine! And that's where my head was wrong. Parents of children of hockey spend money on expensive competitions, additional training and additional responsibilities for their children to achieve the following:

First Hocaidh their child will stop talking, because you have something to do it 6 times a week in a structured format, someone (coach) still tells you what to do, it's just a while when the joy comes out. In addition, where can the place organizational training be created to develop the creativity that we call for so many hockey players?

Second Their child is injured as the 6 to 12 children I still talk to; develop and can not win one-way cattle.

third The parents of those small athletes will have their stopping at & # 39; financial management because they think there is no other way of costing sums for unnecessary concerns for their children, and just send the child out of hockey.

No, the child should not be compared to the world's competition in internationally expensive competitions, as one mother has written to her on the social network. The child should be served in nine years.

No, the child should not be 6 times a week after ten years, that his / her child should have time and energy to play a part in another sport, a coherent way, not to Getting every day of the week back in a hockey setting and a shadow board on their feet.

No, the child will not be a hockey player better when he is destroyed and destroyed in nine years. Or do you think that? The child needs to have pleasure, he must have fun. I can not think how many times a week a 18-year hockey hockey player had to train if the 9-year-old boys were set between 5 and 6 hours a week.

Crazy. In addition, from a technical point of view, however, many things we need in a hockey that are better or less training outside the ice in another sport. For example, coordination of movements, revival, spreads, and so on.

Skating training for children's ice hockey.


Skating training for children's ice hockey.

Well: TASR

If a child wants a power scale again once a week, you will work. But what do you want? He poisoned his parents in a "Mama, it's Thursday, today when it's decorated!" or we can talk about parental desires in the seven, eighteen or eleven years of age; upgrade a professional hockey player from his child. Is that why children get rid of? To feed the hockey once? Is not that why he likes it? Do they learn control, homage, decision, self-motivation, sustainability, team spirit, or sacrifice? It is recognized that the value of this is; In all the effects and the competitors do not, like life, do it for free? No, if it dropped 100 times, it needs to face 101 hours so that it is part of a team that does not have access to a computer at home?

It may not be necessary to break down how well & # 39; There is a sport that affects the mental and physical health of a child. And if there is a pressure at this price for this development, we will try to put those years to a vision:

Game console: 300 barley
Console Game One Play: At least 35 euros
Typed phone with social access: At least EUR 100

I may not have to go ahead. Sometimes it's good to take a step back and look at things at a distance. As Jukka Tiikkaja says, "helicopter perspectives".

I respect each parent who, although he wants other things, will take his child to a winter stadium and wait there in the winter if his child is pregnant. play ice. Believe me, I was a child hugging myself, but with the time, but now I know well and I understand what my parents have passed through and I am going to know what my parents have been through. respect him for ever and ever.

But we do not remember that every effort is not reasonable and the future, that is, our hockey is to benefit. We will try to make sense. Children just have to play and play. We give them the opportunity. It is the responsibility of the future of hockey.

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