By getting three "prisons" to & # 39; Going into large houses that steal a value of almost 10 billion


Accepting the intellectual knowledge of a high-rise wall-maker owner, group into the steal (image N.)

Accepting the intellectual knowledge of a high-rise wall-maker owner, group into the steal (image N.)

Quang Ninh province (21/11) police officers reported that the regional police units have co-ordination to arrest, clarify and carry three items to enter the hotel in & # 39; Theft of valuable resources.

The three themes are Pham Van Cuu, Nguyen Quang Nguyen and Nguyen Cong Hoan (in the Dong Hung area, Thai Thai division).

According to the case file, from October 2017 to September 2018, in the Cam Pha City and Ha Long City area, there are three "prison" issues that come to Quang Ninh. greenhouses, glasses, and money and assets with the total sum of almost 10 billion.

Getting the report on the people, Criminal Police Department, is the Quang Ninh's police; do the research. After a probationary period and through professional steps, the Crime Police Department has made a case, which identifies a & # 39; "thief" group that gave rise to the issues on these three subjects and go on to hold.

At the police office, first, the topics will be; bid, on 24/10/2017, Cuu Hoan from Thai Binh to Quang Ninh to steal property. When he was going through the door of Mrs. Th (at Tran Quoc Chien Street, Hong Hai ward, Ha Long town) found the two people who did not; the laird would cause the door and went into the house.

Thread exams can be safely broken for money and property (N.D)

"Injection" will be a safe bankruptcy for money and property (N.D)

Here, see the owner to sleep, even throwing equipment, found in the bedroom on the second floor to be safe. At present, Cuu gave a folder under the safe and dragging down her & # 39; first floor, and then you get two broken broken tank names, go to silver, valuable stone rings worth over 4 billion. After their performance, they caught the two people; car back to Thai Binh in the night.

A good feeling, in 8/2018, Cuu still has a & # 39; Invites Hoan and sends Nguyen to Quang Ninh to steal possession. When you go to Ben Do, TP. Cam Pha, find the three houses of Mr H. Many of the small holes have gone into the house; Then broken down, he broke safely and brought 1.5 billion away.

To continue fighting, all items that were released before entering the permanent home of Mr K took over the property worth over 4 billion.

At this time, the police need to clarify and restore the building quickly and they will complete their code to be dealt with in accordance with legal provisions.

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