By receiving support from the Japanese Ambassador for Debts, Vietnam is saying & # 39; Money is available, just waiting for approval & # 39;


Responding to the question of why the Japanese ambassador needs to send a warning letter to her; Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien's middle-term project stops the "long payment" status, head of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI)) confirmed the Zing on 27/11 that the money for its "project" is -thà "but because there is not a" #; Transport has passed beyond which money can not be taken out.

Japan's ambassador to Vietnam, Umeda Kunio, has sent a letter to Vietnam's prime minister, City HCM party secretary and other ministerial directors, say that HCM City's "delayed" build-up contractors. The councilor has paid over $ 100 million (as of November 16). This is a railroad granted by the ODA from Japan since 2007.

Tuoi Tre newspaper said the Japanese Ambassador said that the project was considered "very important" was not allocated to the Vietnam government last October last year due to the delay in agreeing to the to be crowned investment correction.

We know that approval was agreed to Metro No. 1 Ben Thanh-Suoi Tien with Vietnam Prime Minister in 2006. He named Japan's ODA loan for this project in 2007, with total investment Its 17,000 billion first place.

However, in 2009, this investment was renumbered and "capital" was nearly triple, to VND47,000 billion. In particular, Japan's ODA loans are about 42,000 billion (88.4%) and their capital as a different capital of the town. This change also dropped the 6 year wrong project, so that it can be done. officially started back.

HCM City Railways, Le Nguyen Minh Quang, have been nominated by its director of the company. Vietnam as it said that VND5,400 billion would be needed for their project when they were built up in 2017. However, it was only the ODA granted by its & # 39; The main government was only VND2,100 billion on April 28, 1977 and money was not progressed, and continued to slow progress.

According to the director, "Japanese side is very bad and heavy. They have been prepared enough but we have not yet tackled the allocation of funding for their project," said the Vietnam itself.

At the same time, the People's Committee at HCM City said that Metro No. 1 of about 28,000 billion should be the capital, but only MPI has settled for 7,500 billion, which means that 20,500 billion. The town has built VND3,273 billion since the end of 2016 but is still not enough to pay.

Zing, an unnamed MPI leader, said the important nature of the project and the amount of capital built for investment, the Minister of Transport, has to consult the Politburo before submitting to the National Assembly.

He also stated that "we have been carefully considered" and "prepared for their project," "just waiting for the" to agree ".

Ambassador Kunio said "the pressure on contractors to reach borders" and warning "if these issues are resolved by the end of December, the project must be stopped. built.

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