Cabrera is ready for its & # 39; his first autumn with Texas


The manager expects the Venezuelan to be a realistic and non-style style; stress the room in advance

CARACAS.- After officially reported on Monday to the outskirts of training Texas Rangers, The Asdrúbal Cabrera It was usually used in the mast, but for this season the creole is expected to be; staying in the street, a situation that has been preserved since 2017.

Although it is true that the Venezuelans are known to have been very tough, in recent years he has served as a servitor, but also for two-season hot-hot activity. However, the guardian's head, Chris Woodward, asks Cabrera to fulfill his position.

"I do not have to ask Adrian Beltré's shoes to be filled, because that's someone I can not do. What do I want to do (Cabrera) is that he does not know how he plays And he stressed, "said the Texas Star-Telegram manager.

In addition, the pilot expects that Puerto La Cruz has no defensive problems in the third place, including that the creole was usually located in the center of the earth.

Feathers of Elvis Andrus and Rougned Odor are in the top of the Rangers as well as Cabrera.

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