Cadbury is to split the two new chocolate prizes to April from April



It seems that we have two brand new sweethearts coming to warriors boxes from April onwards.

Cadbury is going to mix Dinky Deckers and Crunchie Bits with it and luckily, there's no jacket left to make room for the new developments – Hurray!

The new two collections will provide all the options up to 9, along with Twirl, Wispa, Eclair, Fudge, Caramel, Creme Egg, and Cadbury Dairy Milk.

Can you think of this selection – some dreamy sitch.

The new choice of heroes will be on offer from April onwards and as it launches in the UK, we are waiting for a confirmation from Cadbury that he is falling here too.

Crunchie is making returning boxes to Heroes, having been back back to 11 years ago with Time Outs, Picnic, and Dreams.

How we ask Dreams to put them back.

But we are delighted that this new set of Heroes will be here for Easter.

This continues the story that Cadbury Creme Egg and Caramel McFlurries are back at McDonald's.

But hurry up, they're only here for six weeks so you can keep livestock as you go.

Also, if you are in Dublin, make sure you take a trip to McDonald's on Grafton Street as it has just been given a big update.

By increasing the capacity and digital inclusion by including plenty of handmade foods and new technology, the store has been refurbished € 1.5 million and you can make everyone a to read here.

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