Cafh has some advice for Trent Alexander-Arnold


We all know Trent Alexander-Arnold is special. One does not have to rethink how special it is for to & # 39; coming through the Academy to appear in the final European League final and to become an important member of the team in the challenge of this title. We all know that. It's probably Trent himself who does a good job to do; Find out how special it is.

What is 20 years old, Alexander-Arnold has a lot of play time and there is a lot of time to change that route if it's possible to do things. There is a need of a world-wide café that Brazil wants Trent to know what should not happen.

Speaking as a member of the Academy for World Laureus Sports Awards, Cafu said: "To play for the national team of England, you must be very good and play in Liverpool, you need to be very good. It takes time to become older and to be consistent.

"Yes, he's very talented. For his situation, I would advise him to work hard, doing a lot of training, but above all, there is a lot of commitment to what he is to do.

"Do not think it's good enough. Do not get an endless or big head. Work more and more.

"When I was the same age, I was playing for Sao Paulo in the main team. I was a father, so I was very worried.

"Twenty years of age is a good age to make a decision if he wants to be a football player or professional and professional player with a long, respected role. "

Trent comments Alexander-Arnold still has a & # 39; living with his family and has no child at age, it seems clear that he has all his focus on football – maybe even more than Cafu at age. It was a good time to name Trent to & # 39; New Scouse Chassis, and true, because it's good … it's better.

Cafu's advice is very important, even if it comes from an unfamiliar area and maybe just a journalist asked "what do you think about that kid in Liverpool?" As Trent seems to have already taken that advice, whether it came from Cafu it came from.

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