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Interactive H2 announced today (22) that it has published the traditional Chinese version of Nintendo Switch "Cai Jing Selected Vol.2". In addition, the final work of the series "Cai Jing Jing Xuan" "Cai Jing Jing Vol.3" was also published.

"Cai Jing Jing Xuan" is a selection of four classic work-class soldier games made by Choi Jing in Japan. Turning a Nintendo Switch box is; there. It is "Cai Jing Featured Vol.1" in the # 39; First work of the series on September 21 (included) Works: "STRIKERS 1945", "SOL DIVIDE", "ACE War Units" and "GUNBIRD" are released in Asia.


The "Cai Jing Featured Vol.2" which was released today and includes the following jobs. In the series "STRIKERS 1945" story series, the second "STRIKERS 1945 II" work, the "GUNBIRD" game game "GUNBIRD 2", a game game "game game horizontal game game" ACE war "" States with BLADE war ", and Dragon Blaze Dragon hunting game.

Nintendo Switch "Cai Jing Published Booklet 2" Traditional Chinese Design Guide
– Compatible with all game modes of Nintendo SwitchTM (television mode, desktop mode, mobile mode)

– Responding to local two-game games (using 2 Joy-Con)

– Know your reel shooter game just even bigger! Support planning method

(STRIKERS 1945 II, GUNBIRD 2, Dragon Blaze)

– I can enjoy a variety of excellent pictures, but the Chinese version is only limited to the Gallery mode

– A first public story! The first time that a & # 39; respond to Chinese zoning

(Sengoku BLADE, GUNBIRD 2, Dragon Blaze)

Nintendo Switch "Cai Jing Featured Vol.2" Traditional Chinese version
▼ "STRIKERS 1945 II"
"STRIKERS 1945 II" is the second generation of a series of "STRIKERS 1945", a reel immersion game that was released in 1997. The sequel to "STRIKERS 1945" is included in "Cai Jing Jing Xuan Vol.1 ", behind after war, & # 39; Choosing one of the six types of warrior activists to break out a game game and a boat.

The "BLAGE" war "States" is a mobile immersion game that was made in 1996. The sequence was taken into "ACE Distribution States" in "Cai Jing Jing Xuan Vol. 1 ", this work was modified from the game's direct script surrender to the screen, and the characters in the game are now flying, but just go to the air. Opposition of the enemy. Among the six characters with a topic of a Japanese culture such as a ninja, witches and a warrior, the player chooses a character to play the game Enjoy a double mode, according to its 1P and 2P combination, you can see different finishes.

"GUNBIRD 2" is the sequel to "GUNBIRD" that was made in 1998 as a straight reel reaching game, "Cai Jing Jing Vol.1". In order to solve our own solution, we must get the story of the five characters of "all-purpose remedies". In the end, he gained the world game, operating system, unique characters and a variety of 1P and 2P functions to see different final systems.

▼ Dragon Blaze
Dragon Blaze is a red-haired red reel game that was made in 2000. In the peace world, he came quietly to the devil, to circulate the forces of darkness, pick one of the four dragon knights flying with the dragon to prevent the enemy. The "Dragon Shooting" system is unique that was used at the time the Dragon and the Dragon Knight were divided into a feature of this work.

"Cai Jing Jing Xuan Vol.3" confirmed the sale and public collection!
H2 Interactive stated that he "officially launched" Cai Jing Jing Xuan Vol.3 ". In addition, four jobs were published, and the date of information and other information will be published in the future.

"STRIKERS 1945 III" is the third generation of "STRIKERS 1945" hunting systems of the right military system. The only reel reel game was released in 1999. It is available for sale in Japan under the name & STRIKERS 1999 & In 1983, the enemy broke the Nano & # 39; from the globe, to save the world, a story about the enemy. "STRIKERS 1945 III" was first released to convert its consensus after the publication of a large volume was distributed for its & first time. It was first sold in the first Asian category around the world through "Cai Jing Featured Vol.3".

▼ "战国 CANNON (Canan Sengoku)"
"United States" CANNON WASTE "as a special PSP side-scrolling game game that was made in 2005. It's a & # 39; Receive time from United States Visitor States and ACE's Baby and the Choi Jing Select Vol.2. The last work. To find out a sudden princess, choose a personality character that is made by a Japanese cultural subject such as ninja, witch, hero, etc. The player will Choose a character to enjoy the game, and the character can hear 2m bitmap and 3D background. More full of urgent movements.


The "GUNBIRD" series in the "Cai Jing Jing" series is a game that was released in 2001 in "GUNBARICH". You can enjoy the two types of wood and shoot with a special game, and choose one of the GUNBIRD heroes and choose the unique GUIDER character for completing the level.


▼ "Zero Gunner 2-"
"Zero Fighter 2-" is a red reel game based on the "Zero Fighter 2" which was released in 2001. Through the protests of the pilot that has been transmitted to the "Zero Gunner System" helicopter to win the world's campaigns, to save the world to turn the story of the enemy story. An enemy who attacks her & # 39; front, left, left, and on the right of the screen, the unique shoot system that attacks each side.


"Cai Jing Jing Xuan Vol.2" is sold today and "Cai Jing Jing Vol.3" is open for publication.
Interactive H2 announced today (22) that it has published the traditional Chinese version of Nintendo Switch "Cai Jing Selected Vol.2". In addition, the final work of the "Cai Jing Collection" series was also distributed.

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