Caique Aguiar challenged Evandro Santo to steal the live show – 11/27/2018


During this live program on Monday (26), Caique Aguiar was surprised to prevent Evandro Santo from stealing. The personal trainer stated that the actor was saying he had stolen objects in the airport and indicated what happened as a proof of the lack of a character of his / her partner.

"Everyone who has been wrong with everyone here, in a week he has been talking very well to everyone who stole food, stole someone , without what I'm talking about, stealing things from the airport and keeping it in the bag. Is there a weakness of soul? "He noticed the personal trainer. Marcos Mion did not mention the complaint and the other pedestrians were still silent.

Amazingly, Evandro did not stop the allegations by standing on Caique's speech. "I can not do apologies, I know that I have been deceived as a person, if I tell you that I did not get something, I'm not embarrassed, I'm not here for a job I'm a good person, I want people to see me laugh, sad, happy. When someone is ready, I'm thinking, "says humor.

The two had already been fighting for a live show and Caique Aguiar opposed Evandro Santo to try to move a vote.

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