Cairo will host the Arab International Mineral Resources Conference. Mulla: Preparing a & # 39; first geological map to encourage investment


The Minister of the Marine and the Mineral Resources Tariq Al-Mulla confirmed that his / her ministry is; Try to prepare the first geographical map for mineral resources.

The minister said the 15th Arab International Mineral Resources Conference was launched and the exhibition that is submitted under the support of President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi in Cairo from the ' November 26 to 28 with ministers rich in petroleum and mineral in the Arab countries under Mineral Holders and Economic Development in the Arab World ».

His conference is in. in line with the efforts of Egypt to develop the mineral division and to establish a road map for improvement, which is governed by the public interests of the country, which includes the balance between the results economic from its mineral resources and opening up more scenes to attract new investments and encourage investors in this important sector. Is one of the most important sources of national income and public revenue of the state.

He said that his conference was held from time to time since its inception in 1972. It is a Arab and international lighthouse; for the mining industry. He sees ministers and parties involved in the mining industry both internationally and internationally. It's a & n; contributing to the development of Arab deposits and promoting investment opportunities and sustainable development. Scientific, practical and technological developments in a range of mineral richness and represent the opportunity for direct dialogue between investors, specialists and experts working in this area.

He stressed that the mining department continues with strong interest and support from the political leadership and efforts of the departments of the state to play, The development of this department to achieve the aims, and most of it to & # 39; contribute to the achievement of development and provide employment opportunities for young people.

He said that the development studies prepared by the agreement of the international consultee Dow MacKenzie were completed. The test gave information about the successful models of many countries, especially Latin America and Africa, where we work to use them in line with Egyptian knowledge in this area.

Indicating that the changes that currently are & # 39; has committed to a law of wealth that was introduced in 2014 to see a strong community partnership of experts, experts, investors and parties in the country and are expected to be considered in House of Representatives Quickly and to # 39; Provide active law management within 6 months of

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