Cais Ghosn: Renault to pronounce Nissan's sketch


Cais Ghosn: Renault to pronounce Nissan's sketch

Sunday, 10.02.2019

Renault would have gathered enough evidence to understand and regret the ways Nissan used. (Keystone)

The Renault lawyers say Nissan has a "slipage" and they are disagreeable about the methods used to question French female staff in a letter to their supporters from a manufacturer from Japanese woman published by the week Sunday diary.

In this letter, dated 19 January, French furnish lawyer expresses the "major concerns about Nissan's ways and those who have their legal advice to inspect them inside led and how they dealt with Renault staff. "

Quinn, Emanuel, Urquhart & Sullivan sent the document, twelve pages, to their peers in Nissan, Latham & Watkins, the newspaper said.

"Renault has circulated sufficient evidence to the ways Nissan and his lawyers used to interview Renault staff with the Japanese public prosecutor's office," they said.

According to the JDD, Nissan and his lawyers have been "searching" in the French elements supporting the case against Carlos Ghosn after arresting and not being describing his friendship. "

"Likewise, they tried to explore the rooms" who was the leader of the Renault-Nissan Federation in Brazil, Lebanon and the Netherlands without telling Renault, "continued the paper- news.

Nissan spokesman Nicholas Maxfield said the letter "had already been evaluated and provided a series of written and oral responses from outside advice" from the Japanese script.

"The debating communications currently show a conversation situation with Renault and its lawyers," he said. Nissan always wants "an open and straightforward dialogue with his partners to help make the relevant facts light".

Retained in Tokyo on November 19, Mr Ghosn was arrested in Japan, who suspects him to break up trust and loss of income in the United States, statements to authorities stock market from 2010 to 2018.

Renault was headed by Renault from 2005, leaving his post at the end of January. He was removed from the leadership of Nissan and Mitsubishi after his first release. (AWP)

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