Calgary councilor said he had damaged his home's representative in the budget discussions


Councilor Jeromy Farkas in rooms as Advisors preparing for budget discussions in Calgary on Monday 26th November, 2018. Darren Makowichuk / Postmedia

Darren Makowichuk / / DARREN MAKOWICHUK / Postmedia

The second day of debates related to the proposed four-year budget budget in the area, one town councilor with his colleagues has shown a "spoil of reputation" on a hall; town.

The debate began when the Comunn. Jeromy Farkas expressed his colleagues on "bullying behavior" advice colleagues, saying that they had "traveled on a long" basis; as he spoke at a closed door meeting on a negotiation – a lawsuit refused by his colleagues on Tuesday.

"When you play with a fire this can happen. If you always have to deal with your colleagues unhappy (then) why do you respect them?" Mayor Naheed Nenshi said Tuesday after Farkas tried to raise his case in public after his death. meeting in a camera.

"You should be willing to say the same thing about this board as you say to the media. I hope you use this as an opportunity to think about your behavior."

Several Tuesday councilors commented that they were only on public opinion by Farkas in the past that opposed the integrity and reputation of "elected and un-elected officers, and set a hall to & # 39; town.

Some councilors said that Farkas was responsible for circulating "uncertain information" about consultant pensions and homeworkers.

Others pointed out that they were making an uncertainty about crime; at Farkas recently about the use of his home to give money to councilors to send them to buy for their service.

In recent years, instead of gifts such as watches or earrings, a $ 500 offer was offered to councilors for their gift to buy their own service. Former soldier, Ray Jones, said that his / her use was exposed after gold prices; Putting invoices into thousands.

"We did not pay for the ring, so we said we'd like to put money into a ring or watch and it was up to them what the one they chose, "said Jones, a & # 39; putting councilors away after the 2017 city election provided with money for the purpose.

Coun. Jeff Davison said he walked out of his camera on Tuesday in his & her; camera and as a result of its conversation; look after their topic.

"It may have been a feeling of poverty, and maybe it did not," said Davison after the legal debate. "It is the truth that it seems to open its mouth with a mission to harm and damage this company, to the town, to the administration, to the others around to the table with him.

"Okay enough. I think that's what you've seen today."

To ask the boss; Later on his solicitation from his colleagues, Farkas said "it's not about it."

"I will not add any apologies for fighting for the people I represent," said Farkas.

"I'm not going to let things get personalized."

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