California Dem says the US would have a short war & # 39; against candidates for gun rights: & # 39; The government has nukes & # 39;


Rep. Scotland Eric Swalwell Friday said the US government would use its nuclear weapons in an incredible war against the Second Amendment supporters; refusing to give firearm.

The California Democrat, who is considering opening for a president's application; Democratic Party in 2020, making the remarkable social media statement after an applicant for gun rights claimed that the lawyer asked the owners to invade armed guns.

"So, @RepSwalwell wants a war. That's what you would get. You're looking after your mind —— if you think I will lift up my rights and I give [government] All powers, "Joe Biggs sent his Swalwell tweet.

Swalwell put on to defend himself, saying he would be a "short war" because "nukes" is a government, a & # 39; means that the government uses a nuclear weapon against its own citizens.

The idea drew very quickly, with thousands of people criticizing the lawyer for the bad thoughtful statements.

"This is a true member of the US Congress to talk about the use of nuclear weapons against Americans," wrote David Freddoso.

"Personally, I have a bigger problem with a selected officer who is talking about supporting the other Americans because AR-15 was my neighbor," a & # 39; Cam Edwards tweeted.

Swalwell – a member of the House Committee Committee and House Information Committee – attempted to protect the situation, says the need to protect firearm against the government " poor "and its & # 39; Praise if there was an armed attack, people would just follow the law.

He later clarified that he had just suggested his recommendation on the use of nuclear weapons. "I'm worried[ed] find that the US is not in the face of the invasion of armed forces (not in the 18th Century), "he wrote.

At the same time, Swalwell's Friday appeared on a "Real Time with Bill Maher" exhibition, HBO, discussing the plan he could for running for a president, saying he " to consider ". The lawyer, who turned 40 in November 2020, is the youngest leader who has been elected as a president ever elected.

He became unhappy for his democratic advisor California Nancy Pelosi, who supported her for the situation of the House speaker, and promises to use a majority of the House of Democrats to investigate and stress President Trump; president to publish his fees.

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