Caliph's spokesman wants a political class to stop and record her & # 39; President Sall on his duties


Absolutely from the official ceremony of Gamou Ndiassane, the youth banner, Mame Bou Sheikh, Sidi Mactar Kounta, and his speaker Pape Abdourahmane Kounta, replaced the new place of Caliph Sheikh Becaye Kounta.
The last agrees to announce the inaugural speech.
According to that, Cheikhal Becaye Kounta expressed a great deal on the need for everyone to be able to; return to better feelings, especially Senegealese's political class. Even more important advocacy in the pre-enterprise time that is under strong commitment.

Pope Abdourahmane also supported the demands of the caliph in the way of honor and adherence to the various state-made promises.

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